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My Month In Photos - November 2016

My Month In Photos - November 2016

My month in photos - November 2016. 

My month in photos - November 2016. 


It's blaaaaady Christmas!!!!

It's December in a measly few hours, you can deny it no longer little Scrooge's, Christmas has arrived. 

I feel so motivated and geared up for Christmas this year, I am almost done Christmas shopping and I have a BUSY few weeks coming up but more importantly to you guys, I feel a bit more yassss gurl toward my blog so I'm hoping to get some stellar content out in the next few weeks. 

What I Did; 

I worked. I babysat. I ran errands. I cleaned. I shopped. That's essentially my month. November has been so so so busy I can't remember a day where I've even just set aside for illustration work or blogging, I have been so busy doing other things I plain haven't had the time. My week looks something like Monday - niece. Tuesday - cleaning (I'm helping out on a house move), dog walking and visiting grandparents. Wednesday - niece. Thursday - food shopping, errands and dog walking. Friday - chores at home. Saturday - family over. Sunday - Illustration/blog work. And repeat. It's been hectic but in between all the mundane parts of life I have managed to do some fun things like a date day Christmas shopping with Joss, some shopping with my Mum and obviously Bath last weekend which was suchhhhh a good way to end the month and really get into the Christmas spirit. Here's hoping December is less chores and more fun huh? 

What I Watched; 

So if you read my Friday Favourites you'll know I spent most of this month watching The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones boxsets and omfg so good. I'll stop going on about them now I promise. Obviously The Missing and The Apprentice are still on as are classic tv like The Last Leg and Graham Norton. Live At The Apollo started again which has been good and 8 Out Of 10 Cats started a new series with a new look on More 4 and new captains and I worried it wouldn't be as funny but it's be bloody brilliant. Aisling Bea can kinda get on my nerves sometimes but they've been ace. I finally caught up with Married At First Sight and I basically don't believe in love any more after Clark and Melissa split because they were the perfect couple in the whole wide world and I wanted to be their pals. I am super behind on shows too but I have recorded loads like 24 Hours In A&E and Chrisley Knows Best so hopefully I'll find some free time to get watching soon!

What I Worked On; 

In last month's round up I said I had secured a commission that I didn't know if I could speak about but I finally announced it as a job with Chester Racecourse designing their children's menus and activity sheets. I did a 2 menu job at the end of last month which included their winter menu and their Christmas menu and it was sooooo sweet and so much fun. You can have a nosey over at The White Horse Chester FYI. I've got a portrait commission in the works at the moment and a children's book that will see me over to the new year so I have plenty to be getting on with! I also obviously launched my Christmas shop on Etsy so I've made about a billion trips to the post office recently (and you still have time to buy some goodies just in case you were wondering......)

What I Chatted About; 

Oh god. I was dreading this one. You know how many Twitter chats I took part in this month? One. One. According to my bullet journal anyway, I can't even remember it. I have come to realise what goes out of the window when life gets in the way and that thing is Twitter. I haven't done chats because my days have been so busy I have to blog in the evenings and I just can't sit and dedicate an hour to chatting when I know it's going to get hectic and take all of my time. I haven't scheduled tweets most days and I have basically only tweeted to gush about my gorgeous advertisers or live tweet when someone speaks to me. It's been the worst and I really want to rectify it next month because the community on Twitter is one of the best and I miss speaking to you all. 

What I Blogged; 

So remember when I said I don't like my content and I am sacking the posting schedule when I get to November? Yeah that didn't last. It took all of a week for me to admit it was killing my love for my blog and for writing and that actually I needed a schedule after all. This month I didn't blog for SEVEN days. Yup. Not a whole week on the trot but over the month I didn't blog 7 days out of 30 and ya know what? The world didn't explode and nobody kicked me out of the bloggersphere and my stats stayed about the same. I just found I was too busy and I wasn't really that bothered about it...... But by the end of the month I found myself itching to sit down and write and I'm frustrated in myself that I have nothing scheduled so like I mentioned above, I feel all motivated to get back on it for December even if I'm not doing Blogmas

What I Bought; 

Christmas presents. Basically. Obviously I don't think I'm alone in this, we all feel the pinch at this time of year but nearly all my money went on Christmas presents or my car which conveniently needed an MOT, tax renewal, insurance renewal, breakdown cover, a paint job and a leaky boot all in the space of a month....Cheers Noelle you bae. Other than that I have managed to treat myself to a few bits and bobs, namely decorations for my house and tree which is basically a right at this time of the year isn't it? I also snapped up the Primark leopard print boots I mentioned in last month's post which I intended to ask for as a Christmas pressie but loved so much I had to buy them to wear. They haven't made their Insta debut yet so I don't have photos but they are gaudy and outrageous and I adore them. I also got a few bits when I went to Bath on the weekend but my main purchase was a matte black and gold coffee table from Tiger for my new hallway which was TWENTY QUID and sooooo hideously beautiful. Expect photos soon. 

I hope someone has bought you an advent calendar for tomorrow and you all have a yummy scrummy chocolate filled morning to kick December off properly. 

(Doesn't it freak you out the next time I write one of these it'll be basically 2017?)















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