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My Month In Photos - June 2017.

My Month In Photos - June 2017.

My Month In Photos - June 2017. 

My Month In Photos - June 2017. 

Another month, another round up of the month that's past written on the first day of the next month because I've been too busy. I said month too much in one sentence.

I had all good intentions of getting this written on the right day but then I got given a last minute offer to go and see Justin Bieber in Cardiff last night and hell, I won't turn down free tickets for no blog post. This month has absolutely flown by and I think that's because I'd written off June before it started. I was on jury service for a fortnight this month which explains my lack of attendance at the Blogosphere Awards and my sporadic blog posts but I basically knew I couldn't do anything else. I think because I'd known about jury service for a while and geared myself up for it to take a lot of June up for me suddenly it was over and it's July and I barely blinked. 

Here's to running head first into Summer!

What I Did;

Jury Service. Basically. The beginning of June seems like a lifetime ago, my Dad was away for a week and whilst I don't live at home anymore I am there every day working so whilst he was gone my Mum roped me in to redecorating my old bedroom (the spare room). We celebrated by going to Cardiff for breakfast as I was asked to review Jamie's Italian breakfast menu and we went shopping and generally had a lovely mumma daughter day. The beginning of June also saw us voting in that fateful General Election, the fallout of which we're still feeling and I think this month has seen a lotttt of politics watching. The weekend my Dad came home was also my brother's birthday and the weekend after was Father's Day so we've done a lot of home celebrations with cake and presents and board games and general family Sundays. The heatwave meant we took my niece out a lot and she got a paddling pool which was vvvvvv welcome for dipping me toes in and there's obvs been the normal day to day working and chores. The past fortnight has basically been jury service and nothing else, it was massively draining and I didn't have much energy to do anything other than see my niece in the evenings or just about make it to the supermarket to get stuff for tea. But then on the day my trial finished and we were dismissed from court I had a text asking if I wanted a free ticket to see Justin Bieber in Cardiff on Friday night and I'm not going to say no to free tickets to anybody. I'll talk about it more in my Friday Favs at the end of the week but it was a really good end to June with some of my best pals. 

What I Watched; 

We're prettttty behind on TV these days because I was just coming home and sleeping every evening, I think we've got about a fortnights worth of stuff to catch up on. I recommended Paula in my last Friday Favourites post which was a 3 part BBC series that I watched before I started jury service which was really good. I tried to make time to watch the documentary style programmes cos I really enjoy them like 24 hours in A&E, 24 hours in police custody, The Met, Hospital and the like but I think I'm an episode behind those too. We've been watching Fargo which is as amazing as the last few series' and v much comes recommended from me and I've seen the odd comedy like 8/10 cats, Mock the Week etc which is always mindless good time viewing. We haven't had much time for films this much but last weekend Joss had a day off and watched 3 films back to back (living his best life) whilst I was working and in the evening we watched the 4th Hunger Games which I enjoyed but I'd read the book so I knew what was coming anyway. Tomorrow we're having a takeaway with Joss' family so I'm hoping there'll be a film involved in there somewhere too.  

What I Worked On;

I took the decision to put my business on holiday mode whilst I was on jury service, knowing how busy I'd be and the chances of working on anything being pretty slim. I did a lil bit of work on my ongoing kid's book at the beginning of the month and on the portraits for Effi's wedding but other than that I just didn't have time for new projects. I sold out of some of my Father's Day cards which was lovely and I also sold out of my cacti themed greetings cards which I'm going to get back in stock and list again on my Etsy soon. I also have designed some new bullet journal printables which will be going live one day this week so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

What I Journaled;

In case you missed the announcement last month I decided to get rid of my Twitter chat report section and replace it for this one which is definitely something I do more of; bullet journals. This was the last month in my trusty black Leuchtturm as from July I am moving to an aqua blue one because lol I filled my first one in 6 months. I'll be doing a bit more of an in depth bullet journal flip through for the month of June but as well as my normal monthly schedules I've filled A LOT of pages in the last 4 and a half weeks. I had a busy few weeks admin and chores wise so pretty much every day of the first coupla weeks of the month had a to do list for the day. I also obvs had a lot to plan for jury service which took up a good few pages, I started an exercise regime I haven't stuck to but mapped out and I had to do 2 blog schedules because my actual schedule was so sporadic. Toward the end of the journal I spent some time whilst I was waiting in jury service designing my bullet journal printables which actually makes for some really nice spreads. I have about 3 double page spreads left that are empty that I didn't fill before I moved over to July for the new journal so I'm thinking of putting some photos of the past 6 months in there as a lil scrapbook memory bit for the half year. I shall keep ya'll updated. 

What I Blogged; 

Like I already said, this month has been a very sporadic because of the hours I was keeping and literally sitting down and typing a blog post and taking photos and promoting just wasn't high on my agenda of things to do before I collapsed into bed. I still posted 23 days which isn't all that shabby but my stats definitely suffered for it (more on that in my social media report later in the week). Because of the General Election I posted a lil bit on politics with my 'what I'd do if I was PM' post and my love of the 18-24 voting age group. As ever I wrote about blogging because lol if it ain't broke don't fix it and I talked about every blog post needing a point and if schedules are dampening our creativity. As ever I produced some very photo heavy content with my bullet journal with my May flip through and also a piece on productivity. This month I also designed my Instagram bucket list photo challenge for the Summer which you can take part in via the hashtag #ourtwentysomethingsummer. 

What I Bought; 

If you read last month's monthly round up you'll know I went on a spending bender at the end of May so it'll come as no big shocker that I haven't spent a lot this month. At the beginning when I went to Cardiff with my Mum I got the final touches to my wedding outfit for a Summer wedding I'm going to mid month and I finally found some nude wedges which I have been looking to get with no luck for ages. FYI I got them in TK Maxx so if you're looking for something you know was in season a year or so ago then definitely look in there. Other than that I didn't really spend a lot on myself but spent a small fortune on food and trains for jury service - this commuting lark ain't cheap ya feel me? 

Somehow that's it? Of all the months this year that have sped by this one has undoubtedly gone the quickest and I am trying not to think about how much I have to do in July!










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