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My Month In Photos - January 2017.

My Month In Photos - January 2017.

My Month In Photos - January 2017

My Month In Photos - January 2017

Well doesn't it seem like January lasted about 10 weeks? The January blues are real and whilst mine was actually pretty fine, it just seemed to last forever. Christmas and New Years seems like a million years ago now, a distant memory. 

I don't know what to make of the start of the year. The world is pretty full of fear and hatred right now and I worry it's going to get a bit worse before it gets a bit better. I mentioned on Instagram yesterday I feel like I'm posting about such first world issues when there are so many more important things happening but I don't know how to make my stamp on it. I think this is a pretty majority feeling at the moment, like what can I do to make a change but I think it's important to remember that we make a difference as a whole, using our tiny voice with a million others makes a much bigger voice. 

What I Did; 

Uhhh I was ill. Basically. It was 3 weeks and a day in the end that I was poorly. THREE. WEEKS. It was about 10 days or so of being sofa bound and feeling horrific, barely able to move when I didn't blog or work and then the rest was a few weeks of coughing and spluttering and sneezing and I have just about got the ability to breathe through my nose back again. Other than that I have mainly be house shopping. A lot of it. In case you missed me banging on about it, we're having renovation work done, a BIG renovation that means every single room of our house needs something and it's all tying up this week. I've been to Homebase more times in the past month than I have in my life, I bought half of IKEA Cardiff last weekend and my brain is full of measurements, paint swatches and decorating. It's been full on, we've been living in mess for the month and all our possessions are boxed up in one spare room. I haven't seen my kitchen utensils since Christmas. It's been busy. I also went to Manchester middle of the month to see my number one gal and had a grown up few days of homeware shopping, choosing wallpaper samples and then doing a big Primark haul cos no not all that grown up after all.  

What I Watched; 

Part of the renovation work means we don't actually have a working TV at the moment, and haven't for a few weeks now. As I type this I think our aerial is being fitted so fingers crossed when I come home tonight it'll all be done in time for the start of the 6 Nations this weekend. I have finally caught up on some of the TV I missed over Christmas though. I loved Doctor Who and Sherlock, the comedy panel shows were ace, Big Fat Quiz was amazing obvs and Alan Carr's 12 Stars of Christmas was SUCH a hoot. The one thing we have missed out on was Taboo, after watched the first episode we've been too busy renovating to watch anymore so last Saturday we sat down and binge watched 3 episodes to keep us up to date and omfg so dark and so good. 

What I Worked On;

After the Christmas busy period it all slows down for the New Year. Because I was ill I didn't take on any new commissions or projects but have been working on some blogging work (more on that in a minute). I did however design this years range of Valentine's Day cards which I bloody love. I created 5 new designs for this year in a variety of puns and I brought back last year's best seller (and sell out) the cactus design. I'd be made up if you fancied buying one and you can do so over here!

What I Chatted About; 

Last month I managed 2 Twitter chats. This month I managed 3 or 4 so we're moving right? Lol I am the worst. I did however do my ultimate favourite chat; Late Night Bloggers twice which I always love, we have such a fun time and my gals are always there. I also did a #lbloggers and maybe a Blogosphere? I forget but I am so sad I didn't find the time for anymore, I really felt like I was back and in love with the blogging community when I was chatting and meeting new people and sharing opinions. I feel like I need a month off to just do a chat every evening and refind my love for the community and 840849387587573 new bloggers to chat to. 

What I Blogged;

Blogging this month was a bit of a weird one. I had a full schedule to go this month but nothing written up cos obvs (worst blogger ever) so when I was ill and couldn't even look at a computer screen my blog just fell apart. I think I didn't blog for a week and I missed a few days for my redesign too. My stats however doubled which I'll talk about in my social media roundup in a few days so I didn't feel an impact but I was itching to get back at it. I also did some behind the scenes blogging, I have a guest post coming up on a site I've collaborated with soon and I have a brand collab on this blog in the next few days so I've worked on things that haven't been published yet which is a rarity for me! I did however have a guest post from the lovely Michelle on the weekend which you can read here. 

What I Bought;

Most of IKEA. Most of what I bought this month has been for the house, from boring things like tiles and curtain poles to essential things like kitchen tables and beds to exciting things like cacti shaped vases and oh so Instagrammable tea trays. I feel like we're finally getting there now with the house, there's only a few things left we need to get our hands on and if someone wants to source me a fabric wing back chair for about 50 quid that'd be ace cos lol they're like 100 quid + and I ain't made of money. I did do a cheeky Primark haul when I was in Manchester where I stocked up on flute sleeved tops, some chunky ass boots, some bedding and a pair of leather look trousers which make me feel like Sandy in Grease. I also got the sneakers of my dreams from New Look with a cheeky student discount which are blush pink and made me want to weep and I got some more fake cacti and succlents cos I am a basic bitch. 

I hope your start to the year has been kind to you and let's all just keep our fingers crossed the world doesn't end because lord knows it's heading that way. 


















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