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My Month In Photos - August 2016.

My Month In Photos - August 2016.

Bit of a late one tonight soz pals - I was supposed to do a little catch up on my bullet journal but I have had a manic Bank Holiday weekend with my family and whadda ya know, by the time I found 5 minutes to take photos it was 9pm today and it was dark soooo I have jiggled the schedule and hopefully there'll be a BuJo post tomorrow at some unspecified time. 

In the meantime, a day early here's my round up of the month - and what a month it's been. 

What I Did:

The beginning of August and the end of my holiday seems like a million moons ago. This month has been a lot of routine and a lot of the same really. I work one day a week cleaning at a house not far from my boyfriends, I do the weekly food shop for my Mum, I visit my grandparents twice a week and I have my niece twice a week too so with that and working I don't have a lot of time for anything else! I did manage to catch up for coffee with one or two pals and as previously mentioned I had my family down for the Bank Holiday weekend which was cute. We don't see them a lot because they live near Manchester so it was nice to catch up, celebrate, spend time as a family and we had a Frankie & Benny's so that can't be bad either. I did all kinds of adult things like the dentist and IKEA and a trip to Halford's for new side light bulbs and I also took my niece all about the place to the beach, Dyffryn Gardens, the park and a local agricultural show which she loved. I started exercising again which I have actually enjoyed (yes I'm one of those people soz, once I get my arse off the sofa I do like it) - I've been running 3 times since last week and done some cycling and a long yomp along the beach with the dogs. Obvs the bestest thing all month was #BloggerPitP which I won't natter on about yet again because I think everyone is sick to death of me by now!

What I Watched:

The Olympics. Basically. The Olympics took up a lot of my time and because my Dad loves it too I saw a lot of the more obscure sports which is always fun. I did also manage to see the weightlifter fuck up his arm and the gymnast break his leg which was less enjoyable and we taped Bolt and other athletics we wanted to see when they were on late at night. Now I'm excited to watch the Paralympics, especially because The Last Leg are doing a NIGHTLY, yes nightly, show to go along with it. Apart from sport I've been watching all the trashy reality Housewives series, the end of Wasted and Man Down and Big Fat Quiz Of Everything which was uhhhmazing. Film wise I watched Bridesmaid with Joss who surprisingly enjoyed it a lot and The Bourne Identity which I haven't seen for years but is still good. Also Bake Off is back which is a hella lotta YASSSSS. Oh and if you're in the market for a really twisty turny gripping scary evil drama definitely get on One Of Us on BBC, it's only two episodes in so you've got time to catch up!

What I Worked On: 

I'm already working on my first Christmas commission. Yup, I kid you not. I've had my first Christmas order and honestly, even in August I love it - I could work in one of them all year round Christmas shops and be happy for life. Christmas is my busiest period so starting early is always a winner for me! I also created my Bloggers Alphabet print which you can nab on my Etsy store along with all my other goodies. Oh and if you got one of my discount codes at the Bloggers picnic, just remember not to use the hashtag otherwise it won't work! If you have already ordered some products with your discount they'll be in the post tomorrow!

What I Chatted About: 

Yessss I got to take part in some chats for the first time in ages after my holiday! I still haven't been as active in chats as I used to be an honestly, I don't know if I'll ever pick that level up again which makes me sad but life is busy and gets in the way. Definitely check out the #BloggerPitP hashtag on Twitter and Instagram because we've been super busy on there since the event and you can see everyone's reviews and pictures! Undoubtedly one of the best chats this month has been the chat about The Spice Girls on Late Night Bloggers hosted by Claire from Aloha Lola Cards - not only were the questions fabulous but Claire also kept tweeting Spice Girl facts which were uhhhhmazing. SUCH a fun one!

What I Blogged: 

If I manage to get a bullet journal post up tomorrow I will have blogged every day this month which will extend a run of 2 months continuous content on the blog. It's not something I particularly intended to do but I had a lot of content ideas and it just kinda happened. I had Marvel & Moon guest post for me in the middle of the month which was fabulous and I hopefully have guest blogs lined up for another few months too. My favourite blogs I wrote this month included How To Create A Media Kit, How Little Self Employment Can Make You Feel, 55 Thoughts We All Had On The Instagram Stories Update and My Sense Of Self Entitlement Won't Get Me A House....Apparently which was a particularly ranty one which was also coincidentally my most popular post too. 

What I Bought: 

I got paiddddd so naturally I went for a cheeky Primark haul which you can read all the details about in this Friday Favs post here. Other than that I mainly bought picnic stuff which was A OK with me. I got the napkins, cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, raffle tickets, pots...I don't even know what else and the biggest benefit? I got to take all the leftovers home with me so I have ALL the cute blog props and future picnics are sorted for me. The biggest bulk of my dollah which I saved up was for a little mini break to Wrexham back to uni at the beginning of October for an early birthday celebration which I'm excited to go on!

And that's it chaps! Probably the latest a blog has gone live - just managed to get it in before midnight so at least it counts as a blog for today right? Right? 







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