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My Blogging Valentines.

My Blogging Valentines.


Happy Valentine's Day you little bunch of softies! Love or hate it, it's everywhere, you can't escape it, it's everywhere. Twitter and Facebook are full of photos of flowers and cards and teddies with hearts. 

Me myself? My boyfriend had to go to work at 6am so we swapped cards in a delirious half asleep state and that was our Valentine's done. We're going for food somewhere on the weekend instead when we might actually see eachother in sociable hours. 

I wanted to do a Valentine's Day post but had very little ideas on how I wanted to celebrate it. Last year I did a 'What You Might Not Know About My Valentine's' post which went down quite well but hell, how many of those types of posts can you read?

Today, this year I thought I'd like to share my gal pal Valentines, a list of my favourite blogging baes with a cheeky link to their blogs for you to delve into. Consider it a Valentines gift from me to you; a set of new blogs to favourite because if there's one thing about V Day, it's sharing the luuuurve. 

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