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My 2016 Resolutions Revisited.

My 2016 Resolutions Revisited.

You can get 20% off Coconut Lane with my code 'meltdown20'

You can get 20% off Coconut Lane with my code 'meltdown20'

So here's a fun fact- I thought I already wrote this post. 

I wrote my 2016 Hopes & Plans revisited, I wrote my 2017 Hopes & Plans, I wrote my 2017 Blog Goals, I wrote my 2017 NYE Resolutions....and I just kinda assumed I wrote a review of my 2016 ones. 

Appaz not. 

So here we find ourselves, 3 days in, new resolutions made* and no review. 

Never one to disappoint, here's how I got on with my 2016 resolutions. 

*One of my 2017 resolutions was to get fit yet today I have only eaten 2 packets of crisps and a mars bar. I think it's coming along swimmingly. 

My 2016 Resolutions;

  • Blog more - at least 4 times a week.
  • Learn to speak more Welsh than "I hate -insert name here- because he is boring" and various swear words.
  • Do my finances on each day of the month.
  • Improve my blog photography.
  • Produce at least one illustration a week because ya know, it's my job.

So How Did I Do?

Uhm. 50/50?



1. Blog More (4 times a week +)

Smashed it out the park. January 2016 was a blip of a month because I was having a mahooosive blog revamp, this blog basically wasn't born until the end of the month but after that girl done good. February and March I blogged at least 4 days a week, April went up to 5 or 6, May was 17 days straight and then 5 or 6 a week. June was much the same at 5 or 6 a week and then I went mad and blogged every day of both July and August and September was down (lol) to 6 days a week. I only didn't blog 2 days of October, had another blip in November but still managed 4 plus at least a week and then finished off the year with 28 days out of 31. Not half bad for an 11 month old blog huh?

2. Learn To Speak More Welsh. 

The less said about this failure the better. Let's just say it made it to my 2017 resolutions list. 

3. Do My Finances On The First. 

This was a bit hit and miss. Some months I did really well, some months I just let everything get on top of me and left it ages. This year I have amended this resolution and intend to update my finances spreadsheets every week. 

4. Improve My Blog Photography. 

I am by no means the best photographer in the world I hold my hands up readily to admit that, but I like to think I'm improving. I am trying to find my niche when it comes to my photographs. I desperately wish I had a feed full of white and gold and pink flatlays but my life just doesn't reflect that. I think my nature filled Insta theme is working, now I just need something for my blog (hence the collages I've got going on now). However, here's a selection of photos from then and now for you to make the judgement for yourselves...

5. Illustrate Once A Week. 

I don't even know how to quantify this, I don't know what I wanted from this. I think the idea was taking part in The Colour Collective (a creative challenge on Twitter)...I think I did maybe one? That being said I probably did illustrate once a week from designing products and branding and commissions so I think I hit it? But really, how was I ever going to know?

So (a little late), my review of 2016 Resolutions summarises as.....I did alright. Success. 
















Social Media Stats; December 2016

Social Media Stats; December 2016

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