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Making America Great Again.

Making America Great Again.

Possibly the most bizarre news story of 2016. Which is saying a lot.

Possibly the most bizarre news story of 2016. Which is saying a lot.

Yet again I was going to write the Vogue vs Breasts post today but the world had other ideas. I'm probs never going to write the Vogue post, the earth doesn't want it. 

I think everyone is familiar with the news, with what's gone on in the United States but in case you missed it -spoiler alert- the unbelievable happened and Donald Trump will be the 45th President in the new year. 

I know. 

I wrote a piece about the EU Referendum and how I felt when we in the UK voted Brexit but I never thought I'd have enough of an opinion to form something on the US presidential elections. That's just what The Donald does to people ya know. 

There have been a LOT of comparisons between our Brexit result and the shocker of what's just happened in the States and I know for me at least, it felt very much the same. I stayed up most of the night, when I did sleep it was for 15 minutes at a time, I saw most of the votes come in and I STILL got surprised by the result at 7 in the morning. I genuinely genuinely yet again thought oh it'll be close but sane people will trump (geddit) in the end. And yet again I and the rest of the world completely underestimated the power of the underdog. 

I'm not going to be a bigot about the election result and say all people who voted for Trump are uneducated racists because if this year has taught us anything, that prejudice is really really unfounded. If you look into Donald J Trump's voting statistics it is really quite the opposite. 

However, whatever your motivation for voting FOR him, those who did cannot deny you've voted for a man who has a lot of horrible horrible opinions, who has done a lot of terrible things and I am genuinely baffled and surprised he actually got in. Like I kept forgetting he was a real human being and now he's actually going to run the most powerful country in the world.

I fully appreciate there's a lot of 'well it's nothing to do with you' opinions flying about, I know when we were debating the Remain or Leave here in Britain no matter our stance, as soon as any politician outside the UK gave an opinion we all went "BACK OFF BITCH WHAT'S IT TO DO WITH YOU". I get that. 


I think the world has really sat up and taken notice of politics in 2016 and as mental a year as it's been, I actually think that's something good that's come of it. Millennials all across the world have taken an interest in the political goings on of the globe and more than that, we've taken an informed interest. 

I might live in the UK but the majority of my life and my knowledge of America has been under Bush and then Obama. By the time Bush left and Obama stepped in I was like oh cool he seems decent and thought nothing more into the system other than to admire the Obama's like the sun shines out their ass. I will miss them. But then this election happened and I, along with most of the rest of the world took an interest and for the start, it was just kinda funny. Nobody actually thought he'd run, let alone get the Republican nomination, let alone win and look where we are now. 

We as millennials are the politicians and presidents of the future and we've stood up in 2016 and been like is this for real? We've read into politics and policy making and democracy. We've questioned it, we've analysed both sides, we've made informed decisions and actually, it hasn't gone the way we wanted. 

And I think that says a lot. I think it says a lot about the state of the world that these extreme opinions and these political figures and changes are getting voted for and elected in because people are FED UP. People are fed up of the way things are run and they want change. 

A monkey should have been able to beat The Donald in the election this week and what on earth does it say about how hated and tainted the Clinton name is?

I felt pretty fearful and pretty bewildered about what kind of world we lived in yesterday. I felt pretty afraid for what changes the world might make as time goes on. 

But today I feel a bit more hopeful. I started thinking about the statistics of Brexit and the US elections and the age group I'm in. The millennials who voted with me, who have learnt and protested and shouted about how aggrieved they feel. And I feel hopeful that us as the next generation will make the best kind of world from the fuck ups of our elders. 

Sending lots of love and support to all those in America who are scared right now. Your feelings are valid and the rest of the world is with you. 
















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