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Life Lately - Can You Tell I Haven't Been Here?

Life Lately - Can You Tell I Haven't Been Here?


I feel like I should be apologising for the lack of content or saying 'oh hey I'm back' as if I've been on an impromptu blogging break. Except I haven't been away, I have been ever present on social media and there has been regular content ticking over on this ol' site. 

But can you tell my heart's not really been in it? Can you tell I haven't been all that present mentally or all that committed to what I'm creating? Can you tell it's been posting for posting sake? 

Where are the heart felt think pieces or the 3000 word ramblings? Where are the funny quips, list posts and occasional lol moments? Where are the bullet journal posts and the content likely to go viral on Pinterest? Hopefully all content you have come to know, love and expect from me over the past two years I've been typing away, or for however long you have been reading. 

Sure last week I had five blog posts live in five days and yeah actually they're not all bad. The wish lists take a long time to create, make the imagery for and link to everything so they're not entirely a cop out but they did give me a break from writing and creating whilst not actually letting my blog go to the wind. But even then, I promised one a day for five days and still managed to only get three scheduled and the other two went up at 10pm. I think one day my blog even had a half written wish list published by mistake for most of the afternoon. 

I don't even know what the problem is or why I haven't really been feeling it that much over the last month. My stats are the worst they have been in ages because I haven't bothered to promote anything I have written yet my Instagram is the best it's ever been because that's where my energy has been. It's so much easier to whack a photo up and post on Insta stories than it is to write a perfectly worded blog post with great imagery and frankly, I just haven't had time for the latter. 

I have been busier than ever, have been away every 10 days or so in the last month and life has gone haywire at home in between. Sometimes when I'm this busy my focus shifts to blogging in my downtime and it makes me want to create more and more as light relief. But this time I have just felt sluggish and demotivated and wanted to pick up my bujo rather than my laptop when I have half hour free at the end of the day. 

I have read a lot of blogs lately about the death of traditional blogging and the ever growing rise of social media and I have also read a lot of blogs lately about how the author is kinda done with creating solid content and is more into the life ramblings and online diaries I am writing right now. 

It seems like people are either completely over the idea of carefully created editorial style blogging or they just don't have the time or mental space to create it at the mo so they just want a coffee and a catch up with their readers. A little insight into one's life. I am kinda sat in between. 

I don't think traditional blogging is dead in all respects but I totally think social media, fast content and the likes of Insta stories are rising and probably won't stop any time soon. Life is busy and if I have 10 minutes free drinking a cuppa then I 100% will turn to Instagram and flick through people's stories to have a nosey into ten minutes of their lives. It's the reason my 'what I saw in Primark today' Insta stories get so much engagement - people like fast paced content. They like to see what's in store right this second that they could walk in and pick up on their lunch break. But then if you're looking for a review of the latest Benefit mascara or a particular car seat for your baby then you're not going to trust one gal on Instagram. You're going to seek out the interviews, the traditional reviews, the Youtube tutorials and the really wordy blog posts that give you an in-depth discussion on exactly how the formula feels or the car seat clips together. 

I don't know where my place in the blogging world sits at the moment and that's not because I've lost sight of my 'vibe' and my audience - those I know perfectly and I know what you guys like but idk what I want to create anymore? I like my bullet journal content but it relies 100% on the photos. I like my think pieces but I don't always have the thoughts flooding into my brain. I like the posts like this, about life and stuff I like and recommendations of programmes I watched this week but I don't share that stuff anymore since I got rid of my Friday Favourites. 

I literally have no point to this blog post but all I know is I wrote it in 20 minutes when I haven't wanted to write anything all month. It won't get me any shares or many comments, it won't win me awards or get me sponsored collabs but it felt cathartic and got me typing all the same. 
















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