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I've Become Too Busy To Blog.

I've Become Too Busy To Blog.


But for reals. 

I'm not a full time blogger by any means, I just happen to be self employed so I manage to schedule some time into most days for blogging, hence my ability to churn out content nearly every day. 

Normally I blog in the evening, after my tea with a cuppa and a duvet on the sofa and something on the TV. I tend to write the next days blog or sometimes if I'm feeling particularly sassy or creative I might even stretch to two whole days of content. 

But lately, lately I barely have time for blogging at all. I don't know what's happened since the New Year but it's like my life has exploded and I have no time for anything, let alone blogging. 

Between my work, house renovations and family life I tend to be blogging at any snatched moment of the day and whilst it's not DAYS I go without content, it might just be a day here and there, every few days and whilst I do appreciate that's still a lot, it's just unusual for me. 

My problem is my routine. I have my niece two days a week, I work out the house on a Tuesday, I have 2 days where I work for myself and I have 2 days off with my boyfriend. Normally that means I have time to blog in the evenings and I tend to be typing away on my laptop when me and Joss are just watching TV on the weekends but lately, not so much. 

Lately my weeks are full, crammed with cars being in the garage, dog walking, extra babysitting, shopping, doing chores for my parents....legit all the smallest of things that seem to take ALL day and that's before we had a house to decorate and buy for that means my weekends are no longer my own. 

And what happens when I DO get the time to blog?

I write shit like this. The problem with being too busy to blog is when I do get the time, I don't want to write what's in my schedule. I have the itch to get typing and that normally means I write a brain dump like this with no point, no meaning, no help to anyone...I just want to type. 

Or it means I want to do something quick and short that I know I can bash out in half an hour, something Pinterest based or a shopping wishlist. 

I do have a blogging schedule, I have a Ban.Do notebook that I use for blogging which has a monthly spreadsheet where I plan the basics of my content and then a daily spread for more formal ideas or information. I filled my February schedule in at the end of January and I have only actually written about 6 posts that I planned. 

I literally just don't have the time. 

I haven't had a blog photos day since before Christmas. I have no flatlays or stock images I can use, nothing in the bank (hence why I'm reusing my weekly Insta photos all the bloody time) so I feel like I can't write something if there isn't a photo to go alongside. 

I have posts in my schedule that're going to take a lot of work and prep. I have posts planned on a bullet journal I haven't even finished constructing yet. A bullet journal I don't have time to finish. I have posts planned that require research and time put into them and time is something I do not have. 

So here we are, another post I didn't plan, another brain dump, another post just typed because I have the need to type. I'm sure it'll be of no use to anyone but I'm also sure someone will relate.


How do you cope when you run out of time to blog?


















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