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55 Thoughts We All Had On The Instagram Stories Update.

55 Thoughts We All Had On The Instagram Stories Update.

Remember when Instagram gave us the glory (lol) that is the algorithm and I wrote this post on 55 thoughts we all had on the update? Well now we're 4 months on and they've done it again. Here's the emotional process we all went through when Instagram Stories entered our lives....

1. People are tweeting about an Instagram update again.....

2. I legit can't deal with another bad one. The algorithm has killed Insta. 

3. I don't think I've had it it's fine. 


5. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. 

6. It's updated omg. 


8. Jesus Christ didn't I learn last time??

9. I deserve everything I get ffs. 

10. So what exactly is Instagram stories I don't get it?

11. What do the little circles do?

12. Should I click on one?

13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I get it. 

14. So it's basically Snapchat then?

15. Do Insta own Snapchat?

16. Like is this legal?

17. This is blates copyright. Right?

18. Are Snapchat ok with this?

19. I should probably tweet that, that's kinda funny. 

20. Oh shit everyone else tweeted that too. 

21. Maybe I should delete my tweet.

22. Fuck someone liked it now I can't delete it cos they'll know I did. 

23. What was I doing?

24. Oh right yeah Instagram Stories. 

25. I don't think I like it. 

26. Like why wouldn't you just carry on using Snapchat?

27. Kylie Jenner is going to love this shit. 

28. Probs never gunna use it. 

29. I definitely don't like it. 

30. In fact, I hate it. 

31. Nobody is going to get on board with this. 

32. Oh wow ok so LOADS of people have got on board with this. 

33. I'm not even going to bother watching them like why?

34. Oh wait though so & so has done one. 

35. They're like my fav person ever I'll probably just click on theirs. 

36. Oh shit I watched all of them. 

37. I do quite like the way it slides onto the next persons story though. 

38. Having the little circles at the top is pretty annoying. 

39. Definitely just going to stick to Snapchat. 

40. But what if my social media following depletes cos I don't post something?

41. I'd best just do one just to try. 


43. That's the best thing I've ever seen. 

44. Wish it had Snapchat filters though, don't actually want to show people my face. 

45. Nah Snapchat is the one. 

46. I will just post one more though, just in case people want to see. 

47. I legit don't have exciting enough a life for Snapchat and Instagram Stories. 

48. Seriously who has enough content for both?

49. Maybe I'll spread my content over both platforms? 

50. That sounds weird. 

51. Can't remember the last time I snapchatted. 

52. Can't even remember the last time I opened the app.

53. Snapchat is dead. 

54. They must be fuming. 

55. I should probably blog about this. 


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