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I Write About What I Know.

I Write About What I Know.


I find writing blog content a really weird experience sometimes. I've spoken before about how I don't schedule my blogs, I don't have content planned for weeks on end, I tend to have a vague topic in mind and I write when I want to about what I want.

Off the cuff works for me but sometimes I think the whole concept of content and blogging is mad. Like look at us all, investing into people's lives who we've never met. We sit for hours on our laptops constructing photos and crafting words to post to strangers - when you really get into it, it's mad. 

And it kinda got me thinking about why I post the content I post. I wrote a guest post last month for The Study Room (read here) about how to write an impactful post where I said they come in two forms; something to inspire or something to help. 

I feel like the majority of my blog posts fall into these categories. From shopping wishlists (helpful) to bujo (helpful) to life as a millennial (inspiring). But WHY do I write about what I write about? I don't seek a reaction or gratification most of the time, I spose I seek an assurance that someone feels the same as me about life.

And that's when I decided that no matter what category my content falls into, EVERYTHING is written about what I know. 

So it might be a wishlist post but it's compiled of things I love, things I'd buy from the high street. You won't find me putting up wishlists from high end shops or anything unachievable on my own salary (lol what salary).

It might be a bullet journal post or something from Pinterest but it's things I've genuinely pinned for inspiration or my journal or a mood board I created. 

It might be a rant post but it came from my heart, from my thoughts and discussions and my fingers typed it. 

I don't know what motivates other people to write the content they write but I don't think I'm alone in having a blog full of things I know. I think in some ways we ALL have a blog just full of things we know. 

Whatever your niche, whatever your theme, whatever you write about, unless you have a blog solely full of guest blog posts, we all write about what we know. 

And I think that's what makes an authentic blog, writing about your own experiences and opinions and simply writing about what you know.

I legit don't have a purpose or a plan for this post and for once I think it's neither inspiring or useful, it's just a brain dump, a thought I had and a thought I published. 

I might be more coherent tomorrow. 








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