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How To Enjoy A Rainy Day

How To Enjoy A Rainy Day

3 Ceramic Ducks In A Row. 

3 Ceramic Ducks In A Row. 

So after a really mild Winter and an unseasonably sunny few weeks lately, Britain has decided to teach us a lesson and bring out the big guns. Today the UK saw blazing sunshine, rain, hail storms, thunder, lightning and even snow all in 24 hours and that weird weather situation is apparently set to stay for the Bank Holiday weekend which is nice. 

With that in mind, here's my favourite few ways to enjoy yourself, despite the rain. 

1. Go out for food (preferably in a proper country pub with massive portions or failing that just anywhere that does junk food to steam out your soggy clothes). 

2. Go to the cinema. I mean, if it's really that bad outside you may as well spend it inside in the dark with some pick and mix?

3. Take a walk in the country. Probably best for that drizzly sort of rain not a torrential downpour but a muddy walk in a field or woodland somewhere in the rain is kinda sweet. Bonus points if you have a dog to take too. 

4. Go shopping. Indoor shopping centre near you? Retail therapy will do wonders for a damp day. 

5. Snuggle up at home. Get all the blankets and pillows down from the beds, get the kettle on and whack something trashy on the tv. What rain?

6. Drive to the beach. Hop in the car, take a flask of tea and drive to the seaside to watch the storm waves crashing up on the rocks all from the warmth and safety of the car. 

7. Get wellies shopping. Well if there ain't a better excuse to go online shopping for some Hunters?

8. Bake something. Pop down to Tesco, stock up on ingredients and bake something yummy. Cakes, scones, whatever it is - channel your inner Mary Berry. 

9. Have some QT with the family. It's raining, you're all stuck inside - why not bring out the board games. It might end in carnage and half the family not talking to each other over Monopoly but hey, you will have had fun. 

10. And if all else fails, just have a nap. 


How're you planning on spending your Bank Holiday this weekend? 




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