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How To Do Your Christmas Shopping & Hold Your Nerve.

How To Do Your Christmas Shopping & Hold Your Nerve.

The Christmas shopping season is upon us and as lovely and festive as it is, I think we can all agree, our nerves are shot at the end of it. A day of shopping can leave us a little more stressed Grinch than happy little elves so here's my advice on how to survive the sales in one piece!

1. Plan.

Plan plan plan plan plan. I can't stress it enough, planning is key to Christmas shopping (hence my planner above uhm). Make a list and then make a replica on your phone so you don't lose anything. Work out all the people you need to buy for and if you have specific presents in mind, list them. If you have ideas, list them. If you have a budget, note it down. Planning is vital.

2. Start Early. 

Ok so you might want a lie on but this time of year town and city centres get chocka with Christmas shoppers. The earlier you get out the more likely you are to grab a parking space and the less busy it'll be by the time you're out. I mean you could always start with breakfast out if you need a bit of motivation right?

3. Take Bags. 

This applies to England and Wales now, we have to pay for carrier bags and the last thing you want when you're laden down by 3920479375 boxes of gifts is to have to spend a small fortune on something you left in the boot of the car.

4. Be Logical. 

If you know you have heavy items to carry, make them the last shop on the list so you have to carry them for the least amount of time. Schedule in trips back to the car. Plan a logical trip around your town or city or shopping centre so you don't get to the end and remember you needed to pop into that department store about 10 streets over. 

5. Take Care Of Yourself. 

Christmas shopping is stressful. I think we have all established that. Take some headache tablets in your bag, buy plenty of drinks and bottles of water, take a breather, have a coffee stop, wear clothes that keep you warm outside but don't overheat you inside and just take your time. Rushing about is only going to make you feel worse in the long run. 

6. Don't Forget The Little Things. 

There is nothing worse than coming home and realising you've forgotten the wrapping paper or the tags or the hamper paper. As well as presents make sure you note down the little things so you don't have to go back another day. 

7. Have A Good Day!

Make the most of it! It is an annual festive activity after all. Take your bestie or your Mum or your partner. Plan lunch, eat out, eat well. Get the Christmas tunes on the radio in the car and make the most of the day (minus the headaches!)



















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