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How To Be A Good Blog Advertiser.

How To Be A Good Blog Advertiser.

I Love Lists notepad - Happy Jackson. 

I Love Lists notepad - Happy Jackson. 

I've been hosting advertisers since November last year now and I've always managed to fill all 6 slots every month since. As I type on May 18th I have June filled already, I only have Bronze for July and my next Gold slot isn't free till September so I hope I'm doing something right. 

My reasoning for offering blog advertising was because I knew my stats were decent, it's a nice way of monetizing my blog and it meant I got to shout about bloggers I loved, and find new ones in the process too. In that time I think I've accumulated a lot of knowledge and insight, from the advertiser host perspective, on what makes a really cracking advertiser. 

Do Your Research;

I loved Megan's post on why she still thinks blog advertising is still worth it and I think she hit the nail on the head that you need to weedle out the advertisers who's audience is likely to be similar to your own. I like to think that a lot of my advertisers are advertising with me because we are online friends and they know my audience is likely to like them too, it's all about the initial research over who's offering what and who's the right fit for you. 

(Read Megan's original post here)

Visit The Host;

It always absolutely baffles me when advertisers ask questions that make it very clear to me they've never been on my website  let alone seen how I advertise. If you're committing cash to advertising with someone make sure you have a nosey round their blog, see where they present their advertising packages, how they do write ups etc etc - all part of that initial research. 

Be Prompt;

If there's a deadline on payment or a deadline on when to send things, make sure you stick to it. Even better if you can be ahead of the game and just send everything straight away. Hosts put deadlines on payments for confirmation to make it easier for us-we want to know you're committed but if you need an extension on payment just ask. I've had people ask to wait for payday or student loan day and of course that's always fine. We just want the commitment and it's always best to just check in with the host to check rather than no communication altogether. 

Send Links;

Sending actual links over just usernames is greatly appreciated by hosts. Sure we'll go looking ourselves for the links but when you send them yourself it just makes our job a million times easier. 


Blog advertising packages come in all shapes and sizes but the majority of them work on a similar basis; retweets, links, maybe and Instagram repost and a write up. If you don't blog the entire time you're advertising, chances are you're not going to get much from the experience. For sure life sometimes gets in the way, Bethany made it no secret she had the maddest of months when she first started advertising with me and I managed to keep the promos coming despite the fact she was going through every major life change you could imagine. Then Becca advertised with me for 2 months and for the majority of the first month her blog was down with technical issues. This kinda thing can be resolved, I just did twice the promo for her in the second month but just remember if you're not blogging there's very little the advertiser can do and they might not be able to carry out all of their duties. 


See above basically. Advertiser packages often rely on retweets of promo posts and uhhh, if you didn't promo tweet all month there's little to work with. 

Be Nice!

If you liked it the experience don't forget to share it! Your host has spent all month promoting you and putting a lot of work and effort into it and if you liked it a tweet saying so or a recommendation or advertise a second time! It means the absolute world to us. 

Have you advertised with a blogger before?

Have you enjoyed the experience? Any tips for fellow advertisers?

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