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How I Knew I Was A Blogger.

How I Knew I Was A Blogger.

It doesn't take much to start blogging; get a free hosting site on Blogger or Wordpress, think of a name and publish a post wham bam thank you mam. But being a 'blogger' is so much more work. 

I'm not sure at what defining moment I realised I was a fully fledged blogger but there were definitely some signs that gave me a helping hand...

1. When I Started Being Drawn To Rose Gold & Marble In The Shops. 

Who knew blogger trends could float into your subconscious so slyly? One day I was a normal human, the next day I was picking up copper everything. When blogging trends find their way into your shopping basket at every turn, when your home is full of props for photos you'll never use - that's real blogging my friends. 

2. When I Learnt What A Flatlay Was. 

Forget just taking a photo of your food from above - that bitch is a flatlay. If you haven't searched flatlay inspiration on Pinterest or #flatlayinspo hashtag on Instagram can you even really call yourself a blogger? Double points if you rearrange yours to make that 'oh these just spilled out my bag' shot more authentic. 

3. When I Installed Google Analytics. 

I mean sure I probably don't know how to use half the functions and I almost certainly am not utilising it to it's full potential but the mere fact I installed something that most people haven't heard of is something right? I know my stats, I use my stats, I talk to other bloggers about my stats. Blog goals. 

4. When No Follow Links Code Got Saved To My Homescreen. 

One of the downfalls of blogging on Squarespace is not being able to implement no follow code as easily as most other platforms. I feel like I hit my blogging peak when I secured my first brand collab and had to save no follow code to the stickies on the front of my Mac. Feel like a bit of a boss when someone borrows my laptop and is like 'what did?'

5. When 99% Of My Instagram Feed Was Lush.

Lush bath bombs, Lush black bottles, colourful bath water, boomerangs, seasonal Lish name it better believe dem bloggers Instagrammed it. 


6. When People Started Reading. 

Now this is a vague old conundrum. Are you a blogger because you blog even though nobody reads (my immediate answer is yes) but for me when people actually started reading I thought I was a real blogger. From one person to 30,000 a month, I feel like the baddest bitch when I know someone is on my site having a good old binge read. 

7. When I Made IRL Blogging Friends. 

I feel like you hit a new level of blogger status when you get your own girl gang of blogging pals. You start on Twitter, you commit further and share numbers, you move to Whatsapp but it's when you meet in real life you can count yourself top dog. Having a squad to rival T Swizzle's that I can rely on for blog advice one minute and the odd sexual emoji the next is the shiz. 

8. When I Started An Instagram Theme. 

I resisted an Instagram theme for so long but eventually I caved and realised just how great it can be for your engagement. Well until the algorithm update obviously. Is there anything more blogger esque than an Instagram theme? Ordinary folks don't know of the stress we face, they have no knowledge of scheduling apps or grid organisers. It's a need to know basis - and bloggers need to know. 

9. When I Forgot What I Did Before. 

Eighteen months ago I used to watch TV without blogging. I used to go on train journeys without blogging. I used to read. I used to do things in my spare time that wasn't blogging related. No I don't know what it was either. 

10. When I Got Shortlisted. 

Ok ok so hilarity over but for reals the moment I felt like I really was a blogger was when I got shortlisted for the Blogosphere Blog Awards. I won't get al mushy again because the ceremony is next week and I undoubtedly will again but this was the defining moment for me. 


What moment defined your blogging career thus far? What made you think 'yeah I'm a blogger now?'











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