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It's Time To Start Bigging Us All Up!

It's Time To Start Bigging Us All Up!

Did you know that 12th September is the National Day for Encouragement?

This got me thinking – do we offer enough encouragement and support to our friends, family and colleagues to help them achieve their ambitions?

Being fairly new to the Blogging game, and spending a lot more time engaging with other bloggers on Social Media, the one think I have noticed is that everyone is so friendly, helpful, and always willing to offer advice on the blogging game.

But is it all as nice as I am led to believe?  I mean we are all out there, doing our blogging thing, trying to gain more followers, trying to be the best in the blogging field – why do we really want to help each other?

I’m quite a naïve person – I always have been, and I generally take people on face-value, so if someone is nice to me, I think that they are a really sweet and kind person – so if someone stabs me in the back (which sadly has happened to me) I always feel very hurt and let down.

Sometimes, I think I’m just too much of a nice person, and that I let people walk over me too easily, and that if I toughened up a bit, I wouldn’t get walked all over. 

But, why does it have to be like this?  I know that not everyone will get on with everyone all the time, but why can’t we all give each other a nudge of encouragement and motivation every now and again?

For me, being on Social Media, and talking about my writing and blogging is such a big thing, as I have very little confidence in my own abilities, and Im sure there are others out there who feel the same, so let’s all just encourage each other – no bitching, no nastiness and then we can all achieve our dreams – no matter how big or small they may be.

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