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Friday Favourites 2nd - 8th July 2016.

Friday Favourites 2nd - 8th July 2016.

Friday Favourites 8th July 2016.

Friday Favourites 8th July 2016.

It's my last Friday Favourites for a little while, I know, I know, how will you contain yourself. Next week I am off on my hollibobs and it's the first day of my guest blogging schedule on Friday 15th so I won't be posting any for a little while! I'll be doing a bumper Friday Favs the first Friday of August (how, HOW are we already talking about August) so you can have that to look forward to. 

Otherwise, I'm super excited for my guest bloggers and I am thrilled to have them all on board. I'll be doing an intro to them all next Thursday so make sure you keep an eye out, they're all fabulous! 

1. Impromptu Date Day. 

So last Friday was pretty sweet in one of them nothing planned kinda ways. It was also glorious because it was the day before I got ill so I'm glad I didn't waste it and then spend the next three days lying on the sofa because I just felt so sorry for myself and like my skin was crawling - it was delightful. So Joss has a Friday off work most weeks these days and we needed to go to Ikea to get a few bits and bobs as presents, we're all about that handmade gift life and we made a really sweet trug set filled with goodies for his Mum's birthday the next day (picture below). Naturally any trip to Ikea meant a few bargains for us so I bought some cacti (duh) and some pencil pots and he bought some pasta bowls and a tiny frying pan for a single egg. We have different life goals what can I say. After we'd stocked up we went to just drive home as normal and I happened to joke 'oh we should've gone there for dinner' pointing at a restaurant we go to for birthdays that does these insane massive cakes.  Next thing I know we are happily pootling up the motorway on an impromptu date day because he NEVER has time off work and suddenly fancied a meal and a day out. We didn't do anything fancy, we went to Harvester which actually gave me all the interiors envy ate all the free bread and salad and couldn't finish our meals because isn't that what a Harvester is all about? Also two things; firstly I had a chicken stack which I read in the menu as chicken, bacon and cheese but when it arrived it had FRIED CHICKEN on top of the chicken breast, it was insane. Also secondly, Harvester do takeaways???? Who knew? After we'd finished our meal and he didn't fancy going home I rang my Nan who lives about 5 minutes from the restaurant and we went to her house for a cuppa with her and my grandfather. Joss rarely gets to see them anymore because he works both the days I see them so it was a really nice catch up and nice to sit on a sofa with some tea and undo the top button on your jeans because man oh man I was full. After that we went to Tesco for treats and then watched Wales qualify for the Euros semi finals (sob) with my Dad. It's just so nice sometimes to not have any plans, to just go and drive and do something together, bearing in mind we live together and rarely see eachother because of his job. 

2. Bloggers Picnic. 

Yassss you might have seen on social media I am co planning (is that the word, it was Sarah's idea but she asked a few of us to help out) a bloggers event! In charge - god help us all - is me, Sarah from ItsSarahAnn, Hannah from HannahEmilyLane, Effi from SparkleBerryBlog, Mel from Melberryy, Nina from WordsByNina and Amyleigh from Northern Blood. 

You can find all of the details of the event on this post on Sarah's blog but basically we are having a bloggers picnic on a first come first serve basis on Saturday 20th August at 1pm and we should have some good food and some cute things lined up for you all so it'd be fab to see some of you there!

3. Blogging Tools. 

So I don't know if I mentioned anywhere that I have a job one day a week over the summer for a bit of extra cash but basically I'm helping someone with the move of their house which is a pretty extensive job. Whilst clearing out the house we sometimes get handed down a few odds and ends and this week they found a tripod that they didn't want anymore so they passed it on to me to see if I could do anything with it. Cue my surprise when I found out it actually fitted MY camera and worked perfectly?? So I'm a bit in love and I am excited to take photos that won't be cursed with a shaky hand! Praise the blog gods. 

4. Summer Days. 

This week me and my Mum took my niece to Dyffryn Gardens, a National Trust property near my house which has featured a few times on this blog because we take her there quite regularly. My Mum and Dad have been signed up to the National Trust for a while and my Mum recently signed me up because they do a young persons deal so now it's free for us all to go to Dyffryn! The day we went was beauuuutiful sunshine and blazing hot and everything just looked so glorious. We took a picnic, my niece did some walking about, we smelled the flowers, and when she went to sleep me and my Mum took a butt load of photos and had an ice cream and it was wonderful. I think I'm doing a post on the National Trust young people's discount in August or something so more on that to come but LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WAS. 

5. Primark Summer Haul.

Every summer my mum says to me "What summer clothes do you need?" and makes me go shopping and better still, she pays for it. Bit of background for you, I hate summer clothing. 99% of my wardrobe is black or grey or if it's colour it's dark. I am pretty much ok with the way I look and my weight most of the time but I do get bloated really really easily (a side affect of the pill I think) and in summer that's kinda heightened because it's warmer and I have less layers on. Every summer my mum takes me shopping for thinner clothes because she knows come our holiday there'll be at least 3 or 4 days I'll have an absolute meltdown when we're going out over not feeling body confident. Like I say, most of the time it doesn't bother me and I like food too much and dislike exercise too much to do anything about it. Such is life. Anyway this summer was no different and yesterday me and my Mum went to Cardiff for a bit of a shop and a mooch and it was lovely! Below is the haul I got and I did a walk through on Snapchat (username gr20smeltdown) and I actually bought some colour! Since getting it all home I've decided the navy jeans are going back (they just weren't comfortable), the leggings are going back cos they didn't fit and the 'Nothing To Wear' top is going back because it wasn't that flattering a shape on me. I don't do skirts and dresses and shorts and floaty trousers so my summer wardrobe this year is heavy on the ripped jeans and floaty tops and I loved the two I bought yesterday so much I think I'll have to invest in some more. So thanks Mumma Rees for understanding my summer dilemma, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

*Obvs I didn't make her pay for the MANY accessories I didn't need, I'm not a monster. 

So that's it, my last Friday Favs for a while, see you on the flip side after me hols!

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