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Friday Favourites 19th August 2016.

Friday Favourites 19th August 2016.

Friday Favourites 19th August 2016. 

Friday Favourites 19th August 2016. 

I thought it'd be difficult to find five favourites for this week when at 5am on Tuesday morning we were woken by the fire alarm. In my sleep deprived state I could just hear this noise and I couldn't determine what it was an I just thought 'that's flames.' Luckily, or not lucky based on opinion, it was the sound of running water. 

So long story and many hours cut short, basically the cold water tank in the attic flooded and ran through all three stories of the house to the very bottom and when I say it was running water, I don't mean a drip, I mean it was a waterfall off the door frames. Where it flooded was bathrooms and hallways and kitchens and utility rooms so luckily it missed most of our 'stuff' but went into the ceilings, walls, floors and electrics so it could have been a billion times worse. But a huge thank you to all the lovely people who tweeted me checking I was ok!

1. National Trust (again). 

If you haven't read this post about The National Trust you definitely should because I went to my local property again this week and was reminded just how much I love it and how much of a good cause it is to support. On Monday when it was baking sunshine we took my niece to Dyffryn Gardens and had an icecream and played in the grass and took photos of the flowers. Just look at those blue skies, just look at them.  

2. Bloggers Blog Awards Shortlist. 

Yup the Bloggers Blog Awards shortlist has been announced and I couldn't be happier for the people included, some of which I nominated for shortlisting and have since voted for now to win. I am still so thrilled that some people nominated me and I cannot thank you little gems enough for making this gal feel like her blog is going well. 

Sadly amongst all the really positive messages of congratulations was some beef over who didn't get nominated, who got shortlisted and every other little thing and that was really disheartening to see. If you had a problem because you weren't shortlisted, don't be disheartened, your blog is still fab and people still nominated you. 

However, if you have a problem with the shortlist because you think the people nominated 'sucked up to the judges and the organiser', you can get fucked. Did you even bother voting yourself? If you did you'd have soon seen that legit isn't the way the votes are cast, you could nominate WHOEVER you want in the blogging industry and that's why these awards are so fab - everyone has the same chance of being shortlisted. 

And if you have a problem with the lack of category you feel you represent, maybe give TeaPartyBeauty a hand and some financial help next year so she can add more, she's going above and beyond already. 

And then at the end of all that, if you are still bitching about not getting a space and pissing over everyone else's parade, maybe you should consider WHY nobody nominated you and maybe it's down to your shitty attitude on social media. 

Rant over, the Blogger Blog Awards is a fab thing. 

3. Future Planning. 

A week ago I had no future plans for after #BloggerPitP this weekend and that was fine but ya know, it's always nice to have something to look forward to ain't it? By yesterday evening I suddenly have a full diary with family staying over the Bank Holiday weekend, a few days away celebrating my birthday early (and maybs a trip to the zoo) in October and then a weekend away at the Christmas markets in Bath with my Mum and our friends. Yes I am that blogger talking about Christmas in August. 

Oh FYI the print is a new one from my Etsy line: The Bloggers ABC. 

4. Haul. 

You might have seen me parading around Cardiff yesterday on Snapchat but basically I went shopping with Mumma Rees to get clothes (her) and last minute supplies for #BloggerPitP (me). Obvs I am not showing off the picnic stuff too much, though you might have seen a few sneak previews, but naturally as with any shopping trip, I came away with a few bargains for myself. My Mum wanted to go to Primark to get a few bits and bobs for my niece and whadda ya know, a few things found their way into my basket. I got paid this week, what can I say. 

Grey shoes - £8.00 from Primark.

Black shoes - £5.00 from Primark. 

Black roll neck - £6.00 from Primark. 

Black V Neck - £7.00 from Primark. 

Notebook - £2.50 from Primark. 

Earrings (assorted) - £1.00 - £2.00 Primark. 

Necklace - £2.50 from Primark (FYI this is a spinner but the otherside is so fucking hideous I will NEVER be spinning it. Ever) 

Fineliner Pens (Bullet Journal favs) - £1.00 for 4 from Primark. 

Tub - £2.00 from Ikea. 

I also got a yellow phone case from Tiger but that doesn't match the aesthetics of the photo so lol didn't make the cut. 


5. #BloggerPitP.

AHHHHH IT's TOMORROW!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am! For those of you going, you are in for SUCH a treat, we have so much good stuff planned and I am so excited for all our hard work to pay off! For anyone not going, there are literally a couple of last minute spaces you can fill if you're reading this Friday morning so don't miss out! 

See you all you beauties in Hyde Park!

Have a glorious weekend all! The countdown to the Bank Holiday starts here!

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