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Friday Favourites 29th April - 6th May 2016

Friday Favourites 29th April - 6th May 2016

Friday Favourites 6th May 2016.

Friday Favourites 6th May 2016.

I say this a lot but this is the latest a Friday Favourites has ever gone live and I am soz but I have had the busiest day. Like one of the ones you don't even expect to be busy?

I wasn't meant to do anything  but work today. My boyfriend was off for the day, I planned to accompany him to the sofa and then spend the day blogging whilst he watched all the programmes he's missed for work all week. 

So then midday just whilst I was heating up some pizza (friyay) I had a cute little notification saying someone had bought some stuff on Ebay and that was great and all cos money but it meant I had to go to the post office and the goods were at my mum and dad's 15 minutes away. So off I popped in the car to go get the stuff when I remembered I am going on a road trip in a fortnight and I need to get some motorway practice in (I live somewhere where driving on the motorway just doesn't need to happen, like I have no where to go that far away so I have only been on it once since I got my car) so off I trundled for 45 minutes or so on the M4. 

When I finally got to my mum and dad's I packaged up the order and got together some things my mum wanted me to post which was all dandy and off I popped to the post office which is FOUR MINUTES from my house. 30 minutes later I was still trying to find somewhere to park, legit ANYWHERE in the village not even close to the PO. I cleverly timed my visit with school leaving and I couldn't park and I drove round the village 3 times until I stole a space from someone who was handily pulling away. The people drinking outside the pub were waving at me on my third time round. 

And then I should have been heading home but my mum announced my brother needed some documents to take to the passport office tomorrow and asked would I go and drop them off so I got back in the car (it's a good job I enjoy driving) and drove to my brother's girlfriend's parent's house (mouthful) to drop off the documents but obvs my niece was there and I cannot just drive away from that toothy grin so an hour later I'm still there playing with her. 

When I did get home I asked my boyfriend if he'd seen my text saying I had errands to run and not only had he not seen it, he also hadn't noticed I'd be gone for nearly 5 hours. Yup. 

Oh and then about 2 hours after I got back home I realised I'd left my boyfriend's anniversary stuff at my parents so I had to go back over there again. It's just been one of them days. 

Onto my favs, soz. 

1. Bank Holiday Weekend. 

I've said it before and I no doubt will say it again but there is just something about Bank Holiday weekends that are good for the soul, even though I work from home and errday is a Bank Holiday. I dunno what it is, just the positivity and motivation being thrown about on Twitter or having my family off work there is just something sunny about an extra day on the weekend. It's like you make plans cos 'bank holiday' like it's an excuse to make the most of it not waste it like every other weekend. I spent mine with my family and we had a chippy on the Monday night. Beaut. 

2. Latte Mug. 

So last Thursday a mere half an hour before my cervical cancer smear my mum smashed my favourite mug and I thought oh here we go, this is just a sign of how the day is going to go. Luckily, being the Mum she is, she went to Whittards in McArthur Glen Bridgend this week and bought me a brand spanking new one so I can have a mega brew (yes I drink so much tea I have it in a latte mug) err day. Ta Mum. 

3. Elections. 

You can't have got through Thursday and Friday of this week without hearing about the elections and I think it was a really great thing about the week. There were some major shake ups but some really great things too like the London Mayor elections, the success of Plaid in Wales and SNP in Scotland. I wrote a post on why it is important to vote which you can read here but I think it is really great to see young people and people my age engaging with politics and discussing it on social media cos god knows it's us it's going to affect. 

4. Bullet Journal. 

I am going to do a proper post about my first week using my bullet journal soon but it has definitely been one of my favourite things about the past 7 days. I have been itching to use it since I got it at the beginning of April but couldn't bear to start part way through a month so I've been OBSESSED with filling it in and tracking my progress this week. Keep your eyes peeled for my official post beginning of next week!

5. Anniversary Milestones. 

Technically cheating because I haven't got a fifth fav of the week (I've been so boring) but it's my anniversary with my boyfriend tomorrow and we've been together for 6 years -insert confetti emoji here- I know it'll be one of the nicest things of next week and we're having a TGI Friday's so i'm pretty stoked about that. Food > Boyf always, soz mate. 

My Graduation October 2016. 

My Graduation October 2016. 

I hear this weekend it's supposed to be like 26 degrees and hotter than Ibiza or something so make sure you make the most of it and have a lovely sunny weekend!




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