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Friday Favourites 27th May - 3rd June 2016.

Friday Favourites 27th May - 3rd June 2016.


It seems like an absolute AGE since I wrote this last week? Furiously typing away to schedule it in time so I didn't have to live blog in the car on the way to Derby and inevitably make myself vom. Yummy. 

Anyway, by some miracle we're in June and we are half way through 2016 which is great because yay summer weather (maybs) and also WTF HAVE I DONE WITH THE PAST 6 MONTHS?! Ugh. My advice, focus on channelling all your energy on inviting the sun down and less time focusing on what you haven't achieved this year. 

Anyway, onto our Friday Favs. 

1. Derby. 

I spammed the hell out of this trip I apologise but seriously, girl don't miss an opportunity to Instagram white sheets and I was OBSESSED with my nails this weekend. FYI they were Primark nails with Superdrug glue and Barry M nail varnish is definitely nothing fancy. 

Last Friday/Saturday I went on a little road trip to Derby, somewhere I hadn't been before and was about 4/4.5 hours away from my house. I went with my brother and his girlfriend who had a do there and me and my Dad basically tagged along in the guise of 'giving them a lift' which was essentially just the love of a road trip and a new city. 

I actually really liked Derby, it was just like any other city centre in the UK so felt familiar and all a really nice shopping centre (the Intu FYI) which was full of all the shops I love plus an uhhhmazzing food court and a cinema. We had a bit of a mare getting there with shoddy map reading by me and horrific diversions but we had a reeeeally good sleep and then a good day of shopping AND a TGIs AND went to see Bad Neighbours 2 which was not as good as the first one but still really funny. And Zac Efron is topless so there's that. 

2. Stationery Of Dreams. 

So me and my Dad were killing a bit of time just before our film and we popped into Clinton Cards of all places and I found the stationery line OF MY DREAMS. And you know the worst part? I'd just spent all my money on birthday presents and if I had known what was awaiting me maybe I would have bought a bit shitter presents and saved some money to splash on me. I am the worst kind of human but STATIONERY. I can't find the stationery on their website so I don't know if it was a Clinton's only line but it was under a tenner for EVERYTHING and it was such nice quality! So yeah, pop into your local branch and have a look because there is nothing to haunt you more than the things you didn't buy. 

3. Baby Baby.

Yes my little ray of sunshine turned one on Sunday. My niece is officially a year old and not 'x amount of months' old and she just SEEMED older. We had a little tea party with her aunties and second cousins and grandparents and we all wore party hats and had cake and presents and banners and naturally she liked the wrapping paper more than 50% of her new toys. We had such a cute day and she wore herself out and slept in her cot until 8am the following day - absolutely unheard of. We had party bags which was adorable and she had a cake based on Pointless, her fav programme which I don't think many one year olds can say....

4. New Line!

You might have missed it (lol jokes it's everywhere) but I have a THIRTY ONE new products on my Etsy store along with some cohesive new look photography and I am a bit in love with it, even though it's my own. I have a giveaway running on Twitter to celebrate and as long as you follow me and RT the dedicated post and you can win your choice of one of my sticky notepads, a pencil set, a pocket mirror, a sticker pack and your choice of one of my three Father's Day cards! Also this summer if you order from me once, you get a discount code for your second order as a HUGE thank you! Follow me on Twitter here to be in with a chance of winning my giveaway and get hunting for some stationery to treat yo self on Etsy here!

5. Mrs O. 

Yesterday I found out that the lineup for the judging panel has been released for the X Factor and it is A CORKER. I can leave or take Nicole but Simon and Louis are back, Derm is back hosting and then they only went and frickin announced that Shazza is back. Last time she came back she watched someone sing Air Hostess by Busted and LITERALLY fell off her chair laughing and I swear to god I have never laughed so much at a piece of television in my life. I remember seeing a clip of it on Alan Carr before it aired sat in a caravan in Looe on holiday with my flatmate and it brings back the best of memories so needless to say I am actually looking forward to this series of the X Factor. It never dies.

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So happy Friday folks, hope you've got that Friday Feeling and don't forget you've got until the 7th to make sure you're registered to vote ready for the EU referendum in a few weeks!






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