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***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printable; Summer Icons

***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printable; Summer Icons

Free bullet journal printable, summer icons. 

Free bullet journal printable, summer icons. 

YAS I'm back with another freebie for you - sometimes it's nice to give back ain't it? 

I first started sharing free printables back in May last year and I also designed a Christmas version too. Whilst bullet journals are still hot topic I'm becoming increasingly aware from comments on the look of my journal that some people struggle to make their journal look the way they want, or to create the details and doodles they want to. 

With that in mind I hope to share lots more free printables, seasonal and otherwise, on the blog for you to print out, trace or copy and use in your own journals. Being an illustrator by trade I find it very easy and quick to design icons and doodles for you to use and sharing them and seeing pics of your journals is my reward. 

This Summer set of printables are designed for your own personal use. I'll be using the weather icons to track what a lovely Summer we're having (I hope), the food icons to plan what to eat and the activity and transport icons to arrange travels and events throughout the next few months. 

What I Want Back;


Well nothing is the short answer. 

These printables are free and I don't expect anything back from that but if you want to show some love I wouldn't object. You could; 

That being said obviously these are created by me, they are designed for you to print out and use at home, not for commercial use, submitting as your own design or for sale. 

How To Get Your Free Printable;


There's a variety of ways! Whatever works best for you and suits your life!

  • Right click and save the image to your computer. 
  • Repin and save through Pinterest. 
  • Click on the 'download here' link to the PDF and save to your desktop. 
  • Print at home on A4 paper. 
  • Trace or copy into your journal! 
















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