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Dear 2017

Dear 2017

Dear 2017, 

The world has such high hopes for you. We've had a pretty mad year, most of us are pretty convinced we can't take another one like it. I know the world of celebs sure can't. 

We've moseyed into the new year with trepidation, we're keeping our cards close to our chests, we haven't burst in with the vigour of a new start, we've scuffled in as a group of scared lost sheep.

But we're hopeful, quietly. We're not shouting about it just yet, we don't want to risk it or tempt fate but we're all hopeful you'll be kind.

We're hoping 2017 that you'll be a calmer, less dramatic year with less hate in the world and more peace and good news. We're hoping you keep David Attenborough and Mary Berry safe, give us some more time with our heroes. 

We're hoping that whilst we're not optimistic about the outcome, we hope in a way we're proved wrong about Brexit and Trump so we can live in a happier, less scary and uncertain world. We hope we get the best possible outcome.

Please don't be too unkind to us, let us settle into the year with a little scepticism and a spoonful of prayers and then show us we had nothing to worry about at all.

Let us end 2017 by saying flippin heck wasn't that a grand year. Let us skid right into 2018 with a holy moly what a bloody blast. 

Dear 2017, please give us adventure and fun and joy and happiness. Please give us a portion of what we want, of success and love and support. Let us mend our tender hearts from what 2016 dumped on us, be lovely to us and we promise we'll talk about you for years to come. 



The world. 




















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