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Current Instagram Obsessions.

Current Instagram Obsessions.

Despite the algorithm of hell and the constant struggle that is posting on Instagram these days and trying to build any kind of following, it's still very much my favourite social media platform. 

Instagram gives me all the inspiration, you can pretty much guarantee I'll follow your blog via your Insta account rather than Twitter and once I'm hooked on your account I'll basically like every photo you ever post. Some say stalker, I say appreciative. 

It's been an age, like literally a year or more since I last shared some Instagram loves so I thought it was about time I showed you what accounts I'm obsessing over at the moment. Interestingly noticed the accounts I love at the mo are the feeds so unlike my own, the ones I know I can't achieve, the ones I aspire to be. You guys. 

1. Sophie Cliff. 

I first found Sophie through one of Hannah Gale's blog posts or newsletters on content she'd been loving recently and I immediately fell in love with Sophie's writing and swiftly followed that up with her Instagram. It's flowers, it's positivity, it's so bloody happy and recently it's been filled with alllllll the wedmin and now we all get to nose at her gorgeous wedding day too! Congrats Sophie and Sam!

2. Sophie Rosie. 

I've been following (another) Sophie for ages now, I can't remember how I came across her Insta but I definitely found that before her blog. Think lots of white, lots of monochrome, lots of dainty accessories and the most beaut interiors and then think LOTS of architecture shots. Snaps of buildings and Liverpool is what I love most about Sophie's account (so does everyone else so she's actually got a second account full of them) and now she's in the midst of a move to London there's plenty of the capital for you to feast your eyes on too. 

3. Lazy Thoughts. 

Oh Megan. If you weren't expecting to see this lil one on this list then where have you been for the past 12840923294283 months? Megan is one of my advertisers and I basically think we're twins and I have been harping on about how under rated her Instagram is for months on end. She's finally hit the big 1K and she deserves so much more than that. You can expect to find lots of pink, lots of blue and lots of flatlays that'll make you jealous on why on earth can't you take better flatlays? 

4. Ella Masters. 

I am so undecided when it comes to creative bloggers on whether to follow them on my blogging Insta or my illustration one so I think I've actually followed Ella multiples of times. Ella has been featured in Blogosphere mag, her artwork is insaaaaane, her tats are ridiculous and generally her Instagram is so full of colour and pattern it completely stands out from pretty much everyone else I follow. 

5. Sea Tea Me. 

I've tagged Hannah before on Insta stories to wang on about my love for her account and I fear I *might* be becoming a bit freaky but honest to god her account is my number one go to for calmness and blue and all round idyllic life. I'm sure she's actually a real busy gal but her Instagram makes it look like she spends all her time on the beach in sandals or generally living her best life in her gorge home. If you want washed out muted tones and the locations you can only dream of living near then she's your go to. 

6. Annie Dornan Smith.

Annie is someone else I unfollowed on my blog account to follow on my illustration account because people get less lost over there and her feed is the first one I go hunting when I switch accounts. Aside from the fact she has the cutest product range and she's mates with some of my other fav illustrators I feel like we live a very similar lifestyle with the constant Post Office runs to send orders. Also her Insta stories can be somewhat hypnotic and I watched her make sushi the other day all the way through till I was like "I don't even like sushi....."

7. Chloe Plumstead. 

Another HG introduction I found Chloe when she started cropping up on Hannah's feed and blog all the time and I quickly started reading her blog too. I am not a traditionally outfit blogger follower kinda gal, it just ain't my shabang but Chloe's laid back over sized fashion send is v much my vibe and her writing ain't half funny. Throw in some white walls and cobbled streets and the odd interiors snap and I am hooked. (Those baskets though??!!)

8. Queen Beady. 

I can't remember if I found Bee before she followed me on Instagram or if she followed first and I immediately returned because YES this is my kinda feed. Whichever way round it was my algorithm is all the better for it and she's a gem and comments on my photos and says nice things so all is well over here. I feel like Bee's Instagram is a very direct link to her blog, the imagery is all the same, the themes are all the same and it's oozes that sense of on brand I need in my life. If you need some desaturated, grey, atmospheric nature in your life then oh hey look no further. 

These were the first eight ladies who jumped to mind when I thought about sharing the Instagram lurve but as I was writing it a million more hopped into my head so let this be a warning to you; this will not be the last of these posts my friends. 















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