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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter.

Hi everyone and welcome to Twenty Something Meltdown, Gwennan is currently away on a little break and I have jumped in to keep you all entertained, hopefully, while she is relaxing. Let's start with a little introduction; Hi, I'm Katie and I run katiedoesbeauty a Blog and YouTube Channel talking all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle amongst other things. I love to write and would love to be a full time blogger/vlogger but alas only a few very lucky people get that opportunity; it doesn't stop me trying though. I currently work full time in South Wales and run my blog and YouTube Channel on the side. As I am mainly a beauty blogger I wanted to do something a little different to Gwennan's usual posts and give you a little review of one of my new favourite products from The Body Shop. If you like what you read you can pop over to my blog www.katiedoesbeauty.com to see more.

Recently I popped into The Body Shop and remembered just how much I used to love it; I'm not sure why I stopped going for so long. I got carried away online shopping and never really pursued shopping in my local town. Anyways in I went for a little nosey and came across some bloody fabulous products, coming soon I promise, and this Cleansing Butter was one of them. I had seen lots of amazing reviews of this Cleansing Butter, yes cleansing butter, weird right, and just knew that it would be coming home with me. Whilst in store I looked up the ingredient list and was pleasantly surprised; I couldn't see any nasties and by nasties I mean everything I have learnt from the Skincare Goddess Caroline Hirons. 

The real mind blowing moment came when I got this baby home and took my makeup off. You need a pea sized amount;this is not like when people say you need a pea sized amount and what they mean is a pea sized amount per 2cm of skin coverage, but actually a pea sized amount for your whole face. OH MY GOD face emoji. I wish I could use emojis in my blog. 

So here I am applying this to my face and my jaw actually drops. This is the softest most meltingly amazing cleanser I have ever tried and being a beauty blogger, I have tried my fair share. I literally sinks into you skin and melts away your makeup. Honestly you have to try it to believe me because even thought I had read amazing reviews I never actually believed them until now. 

Now usually I like to wait around 6 weeks after the start of using a skincare product to write a review but I have already noticed such a pleasant difference in my skin that I broke the rules. Sue me. My skin has been super bad lately. I stopped taking the contraceptive pill around 4 months ago and my skin has been having a bad time since, like seriously, a load of painful cysts bad. I will be writing a full blog post on my battle with my skin soon. This has helped to keep my skin calm and remove every single trace of the days makeup leading to happier skin. 

I will do a further update in the future if anything changes or there's anything to add but this is my new fav cleanser. If you would like to see an updated skincare routine please let me know in the comments and I will film one on my YouTube Channel. 

Have you tried this cleanser? Anything that I should try from The Body Shop?

Katie x

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