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Blogger Sins I Commit On The Daily.

Blogger Sins I Commit On The Daily.

There is a general formula for how blogging works that most of us stick to and 'blogger cliche' is a very real thing. 

That being said, I am sure I am not the only one who maybe doesn't stick to my schedule, my rules and breaks free from the cliche all the time. 

Forgive me Bloggersphere for I have sinned. 

1. I don't know if it's spelled Blogosphere or Bloggersphere. 

2. I say GIF even though it's been confirmed it's JIF. 

3. I can't send a tweet any more without a GIF or emoji. 

4. I sometimes snap on my iPhone rather than my camera. 

5. I read blogs 99% of the time on Bloglovin instead of clicking on someone's website. 

6. I waffle on about commenting on blogs and then normally forget to comment myself (I am working on this I promise.)

7. I won't pay for Buffer because I'm a cheap skate. 

8. I can't code. At all. 

9. I send really boring tweets about my stats but I can't stop. 

10. I refused snapchat for months and now cannot stop sending ALL the selfies with ALL the filters. 

11. I spam Instagram. 

12. I never proof read my posts. Soz for all my spelling errors. 

13. I will always fall for a blogger cliche. Marble? Check. Endless posts gripping a  Barry M nail varnish. Check. Bullet Journals. You got me. 

14. I don't always follow back. I am a bitch I know I know. 

15. I don't schedule in block. 10 tweets a day on a morning I can be bothered? K. 

16. I plan my blog a month in advance but am lucky to schedule a post the night before. 

17.  I don't shop MAC.

18 I disclose all of my blogging sins so everyone knows what a sham blogger I am*. 

*And in the words of Lily Allen: 

"And if you can't detect the sarcasm, you've misunderstood."





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