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Trends Bloggers Haven't Made Me Fall For (Yet)

Trends Bloggers Haven't Made Me Fall For (Yet)

Last week I wrote this post on trends bloggers made me fall for and whilst I have been privy to a few, there are some trends that haven't quite got me. 

For the time being. 

*FYI I think it speaks volumes I struggled to think of 6. Help me. 

1. Lush. 

I'm sorry but those of you who've done a 'Lush Christmas Haul' or 'Top 10 Lush Christmas Gifts' - I've immediately marked as unread on Bloglovin without even clicking. I just can't get into it. I have about a billion allergies that mean bubble baths and lotions and potions and fizzers and highly perfumed things are a no go and I have been into a Lush store once. It gave me a headache and I left. I just can't get behind it soz. 

2. Zoella. 

I feel like Zoella's audience is one of two things. It's either younger fans/teenagers or fans kinda my age who grew up with a Youtube audience as it first started. I am neither of those things and I'm sorry, I appreciate what a girlboss she is but I just don't really like her? Plz don't kick me out of the bloggersphere. 

3. Mac Lipstick. 

I will always tap that little heart on a photo on Insta of Mac lipsticks in a row but that's mainly because I appreciate how gosh darn good they look. But I just don't buy them and can't see myself buying them any time soon. I don't really wear lipstick and I sure as hell ain't paying like £15.00 for one. 

4. Zara.

It's overpriced. I said it. For what it is, I know the quality is better than Primark but hun I like to treat myself to a few bits every season and I can't be doing that when it's (in the words of Macklemore) 50 dollars for a t shirt. 

5. Topshop. 

See above. Except the freedom jewellery range cos I actually quite like that. 

6. Starbucks. 

There's nothing more in life I want than to get the standard winter shot for my grid of my hand holding a Starbucks red cup. Or a Costa cup not fussy. However, I don't like coffee, I don't like the seasonal drinks and I'm really not enamoured with their tea either. Soz not soz. (But if anyone wants to chuck me an empty cup for the old Insta you're welcome to). 
















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