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Social Media & Blog Statistics; October 2017

Social Media & Blog Statistics; October 2017



I had very little hope or expectation for this October's stats and having a quick glance at them it would appear I was correct in my predictions. 

Have I mentioned October was quite busy for me? You can catch up on what I did over here but it left very little room for blogging, social media or scheduling tweets so I didn't have high hopes for anything. I did however change up my blog focus and my content schedule though to take me into November which I am enjoying working on so far. 

But here's a fun fact for you; my macbook charger broke last night when my macbook was on 3% soooo I have no way of working at home until I get a new charger (probably after the weekend) and I am typing this from my desk on my iMac with no photos for the promo and a keyboard and it's awful. But that's my dedication to posting for you. 


On the whole, as a user I am enjoying using Instagram more and more again. I mentioned last month that I have made a conscious effort to find new accounts to follow which means my feed is full of autumnal scenes, gorgeous flatlays and lots of personalities and I am loving it. 

As a poster, it's much of the same story on the whole with very slow growth (if any) and a very average amount of likes. But in a bizarre twist of events, I actually did alright this October. My Insta stories is what seems to be growing quickest with a lot more people watching them, over 100 every day and I get a lot of you engaging with them too. Although word of warning for all you little gems who put the dickhead answer on Insta polls, it's not like Twitter and I could see who you all were so thanks for that babes.

But this month I have also grown in following from 1107 to 1143 which is basically like a million in algorithm terms. I credit it to a shout out from Lazy Thoughts on a follow thread, a few follows from Twitter shout outs but largely due to my content. I'm REALLY happy with it at the moment, I'm trying to take high quality images and everything is very very autumnal themed which people looove. I thought my photos were having a very usual amount of likes too but looking back quite a lot have hit over 100 over a few days so it's been a bit better. Wonders never cease huh? 


I had very few hopes for my Twitter statistics this month and unlike Instagram, I was not pleasantly surprised. I didn't get to a single chat this month and I barely tweeted at all. If I did get a chance I put all my time into scheduling tweets when I could so my feed was very much just promos to try and get my blog content seen so my feed was definitely not worth following if you were to scroll it. Last month I had a BIG cull of weird accounts following me and I have made a real effort to take close notice of who is following me so I have blocked probably one account every day since? If you're a middle aged man and you have no followers you're probably not my audience soz pal. 

This month due to tweeting less (barely over 500 times) everything was slightly down. I had 95K impressions from 109K last month and around 1600 profile views, down from just over 2000 in September. Because of my lack of chats (again) my mentions weren't great but were actually really similar to last month's at 342 vs 368 which was an interesting find. Not sure what attributed to that. In terms of followers I only gained 45 ones that I didn't block putting my current total to 3571. Not likely to hit my 5K aspiration by the end of the year I think. Especially as my total today is less than it was a few days ago and my 'new following' stat for November says -1. Such is life. 



I did sweet fuck all on Pinterest this month. If I pinned anything that wasn't my own blog content or advertiser stuff I'd be surprised but I just didn't have the time for it. I feel like Pinterest requires a good old binge and I didn't have 2 minutes to sit down with a cuppa this month let alone see what the internet has to offer. 

Very little to report but I gained just over 100 followers taking me to 3684 (good god I still feel the affects of accidentally deleting a board with 2K followers on it even now) and my impressions went back up slightly to just over 1.3 million so not all doom and gloom even though I didn't interact with it at all. 



I definitely have been seeing a positive outcome from my blog change on Bloglovin my posts are definitely being read more because they're not being replaced by new posts all the time. I can see they're being read, I can see they're being read more and actually it reflects my own Bloglovin reading habits too. I now have over 600 followers (602 to be exact) which is a jump of 29 this month which is neat. 

Google Analytics; 

Gah what to report? Nothing really, it was another low month with my stats only falling only this time I can actually attribute it to my lack of content, lack of promo tweets and lack of overall engagement of the blogging community. I hoped to up it in November but my laptop is dead so lol no promo tweets and the cycle starts again. 

But in the interest of these reports I'll share anyway. My overall count for the month only dropped marginally which actually I was quite happy with due to the lack of anything on my blog this month so we ended with 20,416 whereas September was 20,645. I had a slight increase in users this month to 11,800 (from 11,000) but a slightly higher bounce rate that normal so you can't have everything. My all-time pageview count (from January 1st 2016 - October 31st 2017) sits at a healthy 526,976 which is still a bit jaw-dropping and my DA went up again to 28 which I am made up with. 

Overall verdict? A mixed bag this month. Twitter was no surprise and neither was my blog but considering my real lack of engagement this month the drop in my blog was far less than I was expecting. Bloglovin, Insta and Pinterest were surprisingly resilient to my poor month and managed to make a small but significant increase and if everything could go the way my DA is going that'd be ideal. See ya on the flip side sweet things. 








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