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16 Anniversary Gifts On The High Street*

16 Anniversary Gifts On The High Street*

*or online but it didn't have quite the same ring to the title to include that. 

16 Anniversary Gift Ideas.

16 Anniversary Gift Ideas.

Who on earth decided we needed to splash out on gifts for anniversaries before we were married? The money we spend, retailers are having a field day and the longer and longer a relationship goes on the more you feel the need to one up the previous year!

Anyway, my un romantic rant over - it is my anniversary at the beginning of May! My boyfriend and I will have been together 6 years on May 7th and celebrating the fact we haven't murdered each other and have trundled along quite happily from the tender age of 17. 

Over the years we have dug out some of the most obscure anniversary presents (I'm talking a remote control boat on year 1) to some of the nicest (I have a charm bracelet that gets added to once a year on our anniversary) and last year we didn't even get to spend it together because we were both doing finals in uni. This year whilst we are in the same country and we live together, we are also both lacking in funds - I envisage the 'Help Me I'm Poor' meme from Bridesmaids here. So this year we are forgoing fancy gifts and just going for a meal because with his work we basically never see each other and it'll be a nice chance to take some time out, sans phones (although I might Instagram a photo of my food before putting my phone away because I am basic). 

With this in mind, if we were spending all the cash this year, here's some anniversary gift ideas I might be looking at!

1. 6x4 White & Gold Photo Frame at Paperchase - £15.00

2. Together We Make A Family Photo Frame at Wilko - £4.00

3. Sekonda Mens Watch from The Watch Shop - £25.00 on sale from £49.99

4. Muggle In The Streets Mug from Etsy - £10.62 plus postage

5. Alphabet Cushions at Matalan - £5.60 on sale from £8.00

6. Personalised Notebook from Not On The High Street - £12.75

7. Map Your Travels Mini Cork Globe at Paperchase - £40.00

8. All You Need Is Love Hanging Sign from George at Asda - £7.00

9. Love Letters Decoration from George at Asda - £8.00

10. Yoda Best mug from Etsy - £7.00 plus postage. 

11. Large Floral Photo Album at Paperchase - £16.00

12. Calvin Klein iPhone 6 Case at TopMan - £45.00

13. Sterling Silver Engraveable Charm Bracelet from The Charm Works - £50.00

14. Nice Slice Medium Scrapbook at Paperchase - £12.00

15. Alphabet LED Light at Matalan - £15.00

16. Limit Ladies Watch from The Watch Shop - £19.00

Have you got a big celebration coming up? Have you ever spent $$$$$$$$ on your anniversary? Or do you find ways of keeping it cheap and keeping it personal? Give me inspo in the comments!




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