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A Thank You To My Boyfriend.

A Thank You To My Boyfriend.


Let's just gloss over the middle top photo shall we? It's literally the most horrific thing I've ever seen but oh my life it makes me laugh so much. 

Today is a sweet lil day, today marks SEVEN whole years that Joss and I have been together since we were wee baby faced 17 year olds. 

In homage to us withstanding such a long time without an unfortunate murder, I thought I'd compile a lil list of thankyous to my other (not better, duh) half. 

Thank you for doing the dishes, loading the dishwasher and unblocking the sink when it makes me want to vomit. 

- Thank you for not worrying that I can't iron for shit. 

- Thank you for traipsing IKEA with me every week for a month until I'd bought everything we needed for the house. And thank you for working hard to pay for it.....

- Thank you for all the favours you do for my family with no second thought when I ring you up to say 'can you just go and pick so and so up'

- Thank you for the 1284923043946275326754 lifts over the years and then for not complaining when I just put you on my car insurance so I didn't have to give you any.

- Thank you for pretending not to notice when I pretend not to know where the compost pile is when I've lived here for over a year. 

- Thank you for understanding my need for 20 million cushions in the house. Or like, not understanding but at least accepting it. 

- Thank you for getting me a drink every time I'm too damn lazy. It's making me lazier but what can you do. 

- Thank you for not straight up murdering my ass when I woke you up because I was laughing too hard at the blog squad Whatsapp.

- Thank you for taking photos of me not looking at the camera even if you don't know why. 

- Thank you for listening to me rant and rave and just sitting there, not judging and not slagging anyone off cos you know it's all in the moment. 

- Thank you for listening to me talk about my niece. 24 hours a day. 

- Thank you for only rolling your eyes when I come home with just one more cacti and not deliberately killing them all. 

- Thank you for not throwing a fit when I decided I hated the colour on the kitchen walls. Three times. And repainting it every time till I was happy. 

- Thank you for drinking all the squash I buy myself and then decide I hate in my constant life quest to find a squash I like. 

- Thank you for listening to me talk about blogging, photography and social media like you're even remotely interested when I know you have no idea what I'm talking about. 

- Thank you for teaching me about rugby and buying me a Wales jersey when I became an obsessive fan. 

- Thank you for putting up with the constant smell of nail varnish. 

- Thank you for pretending you can't see the fake tan on the sheets in the summer. And for not complaining when I get bored of it again after about a fortnight. 

- Thank you for travelling the 4/5 hours to see me in university for three years. 

- Thank you for putting up with all the Kanye and Drake and Beyonce you hate in the car. Soz you can't control the iPod when you're driving. 

- Thank you for literally not giving a shit when I up and go halfway across the country to see friends. 

- Thank you for using my Tesco clubcard whenever you shop or fill up the car so I can get ALL THE POINTS and then probs not spend it on you. 

- Thank you for introducing me to Family Guy. 

- Thank you for just getting on with life and letting me do what I gotta do when everything is falling apart and you know I need to just get on with it on my own. 














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