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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bullet Journal Pages.

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bullet Journal Pages.


My bullet journal knows the meaning of the words 'sprucing up'. My bujo is very spruced up, all the time. Maybe the most extra bujo of all time. I have never been one for a plain journal and a very minimalistic one like Sarah's appeals massively but then uhm, I add all the doodles and pictures and here we are. 

I was away this weekend with my pals (did I mention that?) and Mel said seeing my bullet journal in real life was like seeing a celebrity out and about. If you're into more is more in your bujo then read on my loves, this is how you can spruce up your plain pages too;


1. Mood boards. 

I have expressed my love for a real life Pinterest board/mood board in my journal (read all about there here). A mood board is a cracking way to spruce up a dull page or even better, to cover up a rubbish page or a mistake. Get your fav images off Pinterest or print your most motivational quotes and fill a page or a double spread with a mood board and jobs a goodun. 

2. Fancy banners. 

A super easy way to spruce up a dull page to a divine one is to add a banner or two. It immediately transforms a single piece of writing or a header into something special with a few lines of a pen. And if you're not that illustration minded you can always follow my free tutorial to show you exactly how to get the affect you're after! 

3. A cute doodle. 

Doodles instantly brighten up any page and add a bit of pizzaz to an otherwise v ordinary spread. I am a big fan of the doodle and being an illustrator as a profession definitely has it's perks when it comes to choosing what to draw up. Maybe something seasonal, maybe a suitcase or two on a packing list - whatever it is it's bound to make your page all the more sassy. And if you're not into creating yourself, you can always just trace my printables for free!

4. Washi tape.

Need a border to your page? Washi tape. Need a bookmark? Washi tape. Page separator? Washi tape. Messed up? Washi tape. It really is as versatile as where you can stick it and they come in such a variety of colours and patterns and for such a bargain you'd be mad not to have a few in stock. 


5. Lots of colour.

I was very much an exclusively black and white only gal for 2017's bullet journals but since creating all my mood boards and buying a bright yellow journal for 2018 I am all about the colourful life. Adding a patch of colour to a weekly spread, just in my day titles has made a massive difference to how my pages look and I can't see me changing that up any time soon. 

6. Paintings. 

Hannah is the absolute queen of painting in her journal - you can check out her latest spreads here. If you're arty and you like to paint then adding it to your bujo might just be the sprucing up you need to take your journal to the next level. You don't have to paint directly into your journal if it's likely to seep through the pages but paint onto watercolour paper and paste it in when it's dried. 

7. Coloured paper. 

Another method I have used when I'm thinking of ways to spruce up my pages, or better yet, cover up a mistake I've made is simply using coloured paper. You can get coloured card or paper for cheap as chips alongside your weekly food shop or in Hobbycraft or The Works. Whack a few into your journal with some glue and voila! 

8. Borders. 

And finally, a very simple trick to add that extra summin summin. Adding borders to your pages or box off some of your text or your weekly spreads gives it that little kick to make it look fresh as hell and well, spruced up. If you have a squared Leuchtturm then all the easier because you can follow the lines pre made for you. Easy as pie! 


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*These are affiliate links. If you purchase using them I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 





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