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54 Tabs I Have Open On My Phone.

54 Tabs I Have Open On My Phone.


Our internet went down over the weekend and I kept absentmindedly picking my phone up to Google things and getting frustrated that I couldn't. But it got me thinking about how much we rely on Google to give us answers for things we want to know, how much we rely on that instant connection and gratification online. 

So following on from the success of my 'things I text my Mum' blog post, I thought I'd share a little insight into my life through the 54 (yes 54) tabs I have open on my phone at the moment. 

1. Admiral car insurance contact us and help.

2. Bus routes and numbers in Cardiff. 

3. Principality Stadium parking. 

4. My old university email log in (failed, was trying to get student discount loool)

5. How tall is Michael Hooper? 

6. My own autumnal photo challenge. 

7. Chunky chicken and ham chowder recipe. 

8. Pay for parking with Parkjockey online. 

9. How many tickets were sold for Wales v Georgia autumn internationals. 

10. Is Albus Severus the same baby as in the beginning of Harry Potter? (answer - no)

11. Greenflag breakdown comparison. 

12. Air B&B houses in Venice. 

13. Air B&B houses in Worthing. 

14. The conviction of the person involved in the jury service case I was on. 

15. A voucher for ink cartridge discounts. 

16. Checkout information of a Works order I placed (Christmas crafts FYI)

17. My Direct Line car insurance policy. 

18. Tesco Halloween costumes for my godson. 

19. Wales v Georgia rugby ticket confirmation. 

20. How long can you keep meat in the freezer? 

21. Level 3 childcare training (no idea)

22. Buzzfeed quizzes on when I'll get married based on which Disney Princess I relate most with. 

23. My local council homepage. 

24. My local council bin/recycling dates. 

25. Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? (still no clarification)

26. How many varieties of apple are there in Britain? (answer 3000)

27. Case for my new camera search. 

28. Our cider company website. 

29. The #BloggerPitB google drive.  

30. The video of the bat in the Irish families kitchen (watch here if you somehow missed it)

31. Canon cameras. 

32. Ferret Medicine and Surgery book review on Amazon (legit one of my fav things) 

33. Sony cameras. 

34. Nikon cameras (can you tell I was looking for a new camera?) 

35. Cameras in Jessops. 

36. Cameras in Currys. 

37. Halloween film recommendations. 

38. Parcel tracking with Hermes. 

39. Hannah Gale's blog. 

40. Tax year deadlines for 2018. 

41. Parcel tracking with Yodel. 

42. Bradley Walsh being revealed as the new Doctor's assistant. 

43. When my citreon C1 fuel light comes on how far can I travel? (responsible adult here)

44. ASOS order acceptance. 

45. Air B&B confirmation for our weekend away

46. The Party Barn we stayed in. 

47. Easy slow cooker casserole recipe. 

48. Beef and ale stew casserole recipe. 

49. Sponsored Instagram post rates. 

50. Average sponsored blog post rates. 

51. My own blog (lol hi)

52. How to care for a ferret.

53. The weather in Venice in March. 

54. Directions to Weymouth.

Idk what my phone tabs says about me? That I don't know how to cook simple recipes? That I'm as clueless as the next blogger on what to charge? That I really want to go to Venice, wanted a new camera and needed to change my car providers? 

Have a peep at your phone and see what tabs you've left open and leave me a comment to let me know - it's surprisingly insightful!














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