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50 Things I Wish I Did More Of.

50 Things I Wish I Did More Of.

Last week's post on little things that make me feel alive made me think about my favourite things, the things I don't do enough of and the things I wish I'd throw caution to the wind and just get on and do. You know the types, the types of things that fall to the wayside when life and jobs and money and chores and responsibility gets in the way. 

Here's my little bucket list of things I wish I did more of:

1. Just book a long weekend away on a whim.

2. Just go to a hotel for an one night somewhere. 

3. Drive on a Summers evening with no plans on where to go.

4. Think fuck distance and just go and see pals. 

5. Explore a new village or town.

6.  Go to the beach at sunset. 

7.  Eat out. 

8.  Treat someone to something just cos. 

9. Take my Mother out.

10. Spend time with my brother and fiancé without the rest of the family.

11. Go to London. 

12. Go on holiday somewhere new, not just the places I know. 

13. Go on a day trip just cos. 

14. See live music. 

15. Go to the cinema or to see a show. 

16. Go for coffee or lunch with my pals. 

17. Go out for breakfast. 

18. See my cousins. 

19. Ask my Mum about her family. 

20. Tell people I love them.

21. Comment on blogs. 

22. Go on an Instagram walk. 

23. Go on a family walk on a Sunday. 

24. Go out in the rain just cos. 

25. Travel to see my boyfriend's grandmothers. 

26. Just sit and watch a film without blogging or my phone. 

27. Try baking something new. 

28. Take the dogs in the car and go somewhere not just walk locally. 

29. Watch a film in bed.

30. Have breakfast in bed. 

31. Go swimming.

32. Go shopping on my own. 

33. Let my niece sleep on my lap or in my arms not just put her down on the sofa.

34. Paint. 

35. Take a picnic to the beach and spend all day there. 

36. Reach out to old friends.

37. Visit stuff on my doorstep.

38. Write letters just because. 

39. Go for a walk in the night. 

40. Get up and watch the sunrise. 

41. Make a fry up. 

42. Make pancakes for breakfast. 

43. Go places I went as a child. 

44. Go for a run. 

45. Go for a bike ride. 

46. Wear false nails. 

47. Wear flip flops and walk through the sand.

48. Have a water fight. 

49. Draw something just for the hell of it. 

50. Schedule a blog more than a day in advance!










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