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5 Quotes To Get You Through The Month - July 2016.

5 Quotes To Get You Through The Month - July 2016.

It's closer to next Christmas than it is to last, try not to panic. The weather has been less than summery of late so here's hoping July shapes up and we have an Indian summer late summer to look forward to. 

So here's 5 quotes to stay motivated, stay inspired and stay happy. Have a fabulous July beautiful people!

1. Vacation Mood On. 

It's July (have I said that enough?) and I don't know about you but the 3 months of June July and August just make me feel different. It doesn't matter that the weather's crap, it doesn't matter if it's scorching sunshine, the summer months just make me feel lighter and a more sunny version of myself. My vacation mood is definitely on throughout the summer months even if I'm not going away. This July, make sure your vacation mood is always on, even if you're going through the mundane slog of your every day routine, I hope you are the sunniest sparkliest version of yourself! And if you are going on vacation make the most of it, unwind, explore and create the best memories of summer 2016. 

2. Your Sparkle Has Not Gone Unnoticed. 

Probably the cutest quote of this month, I am going to save this one to my phone wallpaper board on Pinterest. I think everyone can think of a time in their lives that they felt undervalued, that they felt unappreciated, that they felt unnoticed - I know I can. I think this is a quote that is a valuable reminder that even when you feel a bit rubbish, someone somewhere appreciates what you've done. Even the smallest tweet can make a difference to someones day and you might not even know. The smallest gesture of kindness might make all the difference to someone having a crappy day and you wouldn't know it. It's important to remember when you're feeling rubbish that you haven't gone unnoticed. And if in doubt send a tweet out and I promise you 127946234626753623 people will message you back saying why you're so fab. 

3. What's A Queen Without Her King? Well Historically Speaking, More Powerful. 

Well if this doesn't give you all the single ladies, strong, independent women sassy hand emoji feels I don't know what will. I don't even know if the quote is true but damnnn Elizabeth I was a fierce bitch for sure. I am in a 6 and a half year relationship, I have my 'king' (vom vom vom as if) but still, this quote just gets me. Whether you're single, seeing someone, playing the field or in a committed relationship, heck even married, this quote should still be on your Pinterest board, your phone, your Instagram because you are NOT defined by your relationship status, you are NOT defined by your man. I am a firm believer of a relationship being 2 individuals not 1 couple and I am confident I did not loose my identity as a female when I got into a relationship. You go girls. 

4. Every Summer, Like The Roses, Childhood Returns. 

Isn't this just the most glorious most adorable quote ever? It makes me feel like Enid Blyton novels and picnics and little triangle sandwiches. I'm all about that different feeling that summer brings and I think this just sums it up. I feel lighter, I feel like life is less stressful, I feel like a weight has been lifted and life is sunnier and brighter and more wonderful. It doesn't matter what stage of life I am at, the middle of July when schools are finishing I get that feeling of excitement and anticipation for what the summer might bring  .This July I hope you can feel more childlike and that summer brings you a lot of happiness and a lot of fun and makes you forget about your grown up life and brings a bit of childhood back for you. 

5. The World Is Filled With Nice People, If You Can't Find One Be One. 

It probably hasn't escaped you that the world isn't the nicest of places at the moment. We have the American Presidential race which is baffling, we have the tragedy most recently in Turkey, we have the slimiest race for leadership in the Conservative party in the UK and we are all dealing with the aftermath of Brexit and the hate and confusion and division it has caused. This is my top quote for this month, in the face of adversity we need to remember that there ARE good people in the world. Whatever your political views, your morals, your stance in the world - we need to remember to be nice to people, to make an effort, to find some happiness and good in people. Be nice if you can't find the niceness. 

I hope your July brings you the kind of happiness and excitement you feel when you see your favourite band play live errday. 

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