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5 Bullet Journal Hacks.

5 Bullet Journal Hacks.

If you know of or have read my blog, you will know I am a massive bullet journal fan. I, like many others, have completely fallen in love with the organisational system and I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and layout ideas and general guides to getting the most out of it.

Since I’ve started using a bullet journal, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks which help to make the system as efficient as possible and well, even more organised. I’ve tried and tested all of these and they really do work well. It’s so fab finding something that really works so I thought I’d share these little hacks so you can get the most out of your bullet journal!

1. Threading.

This trick is useful if you start a list or collection on one page but want or need to extend it and continue it on a different page. On the first page you would write the page number it’s continued on next to the first page number, and on the second page you would write the page number of the first page alongside the second one. This means you can easily flick through and find both bits of the collection without having to refer back to the index every time.

E.g. for my books reads list, I have it across two pages with pages in between. It starts on page 12 and the second page is on page 18. I mark this on both pages so it’s easy to flick between should I need to refer to the other half of my list. 

2. Colour Coding Months.

Something I have found useful in my bullet journal is to put a little bit of washi tape at the top of my daily and monthly logs to mark which month they are in. So for March I used blue and April yellow. If I need to refer back to a month to check something, this makes it a little bit quicker and it also looks quite pretty, which is always a bonus. 

3. Running To Do List.

One problem I had with a bullet journal when I first started was future logging. I had a future log for events but it was tasks that were going to need doing in the near future that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I rarely add a daily log in advance, so I needed somewhere to put them until I could add them on the day. A running to do list solved this problem. Any task that had no set date or needs doing in the future was added to this so I wouldn’t forget them and then when planning a day I scan through the running to do list to see if anything needs doing on that day. 

4. Post It Notes.

One thing I’ve found really useful, and something that I don’t usually show in my bullet journal posts is how I use post it notes. When I have shopping lists or lots of small, little tasks to do, or even just information I need to refer to, I tend to add these on a post it note which I can later remove. It saves space and also makes it a lot neater, and I can take the shopping lists out and with me when I go to a supermarket!

5. Colour Code Tasks.

I’ve wanted to colour code my bullet journal for a long time but I didn’t want to carry around pens of every colour under the sun and then not wanting to write something in if I don’t have the colour to hand. A solution I found was to write the task in your usual pen of choice and then when you have coloured pens to hand, add the colour then. For this I colour in the box I use to signify a task. This has helped so much in quickly seeing what tasks needed doing for either my blog or for work or for university, for example.


If you have any bullet journal hacks, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment or find me on Twitter @hannahemilylane


P.S Big thanks to Gwennan for the guest post opportunity!

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