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2017 Blogging Goals.

2017 Blogging Goals.


How we're even talking about 2017 is beyond me but there we go. 

I started my blog in it's current persona in January 2016 and I'm pretty overwhelmed when I start thinking about what I've achieved already but as always, I'm looking on to the next thing. 

I find it pretty difficult to set goals, I set some for my blog in June this year and I hit them about 2 months later, not quite anticipating the speed at which my blog would grow. 

For 2017 I am biting the bullet and based on the years worth of growth I now have under my belt, I am setting goals for the next 365 days of twentysomethingmeltdown. 

- Hit 500K all time pageviews. 

- Get 3000 Twitter followers. 

- Get 1500 Instagram followers. 

- Get 10K Pinterest followers.

- Secure more meaningful brand collabs.

- Take part in at least one Twitter chat a week.

- Organise #BloggerPitP2. 

- Do another fortnight of guest blogs. 

- Create a Christmas challenge. 

- Host a Twitter chat. 

As always, I think it's best to set yourself challenging but achievable goals so you push yourself but don't get disappointed when you've set yourself 1 million page views in 6 months and don't hit it. 

I think I've got a reasonable chance of hitting my pageviews and Twitter goals as I'm on 200K pageviews and nearly 3K Twitter as it is. Instagram and Pinterest are a bit more of a challenge because they're much less reliable to build a following on, especially Insta these days. 

I reeeeally need to take part in more chats to keep up with my blogging pals and I never say yes to hosting because I feel like I can't commit to a date because omfg what if I let someone down but this year I am actually going to sit down to do one. 

Other than that I want to do a bit more with the old blog, I want a redesign in January and I want to create something challenging for Christmas next year that isn't Blogmas. 

Now let's get cracking with picnic ideas......

















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