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Friday Favourites 11th - 17th June 2016.

Friday Favourites 11th - 17th June 2016.

Well hasn't Euro excitement hit? Maybe you're not into football and you don't care but I've never seen so much football fever. Maybe it's because Wales, England and Northern Ireland are taking part but I know I for one have got swamped when normally I wouldn't care. 

My house is firmly a Manchester United house and whilst I care how they do and keep up with the team news and am massively excited Jose is in, normally I'd prefer to watch rugby but man oh man I've been interested in this years Euros. I am actually writing this in half time of Wales v England on Thursday afternoon so at the moment it's 1-0 to us and my nerves are shot but as I don't know the final score, I can't add it to my favs. 

Shame about the hooliganism from a number of countries and a minority of so called fans. Just brings the whole thing down doesn't it?

1. Conwy Collective. 

Way back before Christmas I think it was I spent a few weeks working on a collaborative project with Ben Seas, a Graphic Designer from North Wales. He was working on a collective of North Wales businesses, all compiled into a map and I did the designs for the maps and the illustrations for the locations and the cover. We've worked together since but I hadn't actually seen the collective in print due to a minor mishap with the Royal Mail but last week he sent me a few copies of what we worked on and I loved it! There is nothing better than seeing your work in print and also seeing what someone does with your illustrations when you send them off. I was chuffed with the final outcome and was thrilled to have them in print finally! 

View Ben's website here!  

2. Primark Sandals. 

Last week in work my boyfriend's shoes broke so on his day off on the Friday we popped int Cardiff to get some new ones. We were only in town 50 minutes all in all and whilst I needed something for my niece in Primark, I didn't dare have a look round because I could already see pieces I loved and my heart was weeping over the fact I couldn't afford them. However, on my way to the tills I spotted rows and rows of these beauties with a massive £3.00 sign above them and I grabbed them. I mean, THREE QUID???? They also had them in white which I might eye up next time I go..... Only downside, they don't have heel straps so I have already lost one in Morrisons (I retrieved it but taking a step barefooted in a supermarket was fucking weird.)

3. Beside The Seaside. 

Last weekend after an impromptu 'anyone around by any chance' few texts between my friends from school, I drove down to the beach to the house of one of my dearest chums who now lives in Cornwall and was home visiting. Not everyone could come, we're all spread around Britain but 4 of us made it and it was SO lovely to catch up even if it was for a few brief hours and we sat in the sun (and I got massively sunburnt) and drank tea and generally had a really nice afternoon. The house is a reminder of all the houseparties, all the nights slept on the floor, the location of all the best tales from when we were 17 and it was just so lovely to be back there. Also this was the view across the road so ain't such a bad place to live huh?


4. Guest Posting. 

So maybe you've missed it but in July I'm going away for a fortnight and I am asking guest bloggers to come and write something for me and be part of a few weeks of lovely new content and get to know the blogs I love and maybe some that I didn't know before. The response has been properly lovely and what's also been nice is my non blogger friends, people I've known since uni or even school, getting in touch and saying they'd love to write something. I find it bizarre still when my real life friends mention something on my blog cos I'm like oh ok you read it.....?! And they all seem to say really lovely stuff so uhh if you're reading this and I personally know you in real life - hey pals, thanks for dropping by and hope I haven't said anything too embarrassing about you <3 

If you want to get involved and write a post for me please contact me ASAP cos it's filling uo rapidly!! Read the original post here for more details! 

5. The Disappearance. 

So I might be a little late to the party seen as this series is well into it's 7th week out of 8 but also maybe like me some of you haven't seen it on the Beeb yet? Is it just me or do you download stuff to watch offline on iPlayer and then it's on there for so long you end up watching all the stuff with like 3 days left and by the time you get round to watching a programme, it's ended the series? No? Just me. Anyway my latest fix is French thriller, The Disappearance which I downloaded episode 1 of weeks ago thinking it sounded good and I have finally got round to watching it today and now I AM HOOKED. I have mass downloaded all the other episodes and I am fearful of spoilers letting me know what happens. If you enjoyed The Missing when that was on then this is very similar - a 17 year old goes missing after a concert and it's basically a case of the police and the family working out what's happened. As I am only 3 episodes in I haven't got the foggiest what's going on just yet but everyone is suspicious and I can't work out who dun it just yet. Word of caution though - it is all in French and subtitled so you do have to pay attention to read the screen whenever there is dialogue (of which there is a lot) so it isn't one which you can just throw on and busy yourself doing other things. BUT SO GOOD. 

Watch The Disappearance on iPlayer here! 

And that's it - another week over and back to that Friday Feeling, don't forget if you want to guest post on my blog I'd love you to and you can get in contact via email which is on this post!






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