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Top Social Media Hits February 2016

Top Social Media Hits February 2016

Back again by popular demand (lol jk nobody demanded it but here it is anyway), my Top Media hits of the past month. As outlined in last months post (read here) I have a new format since I started running two accounts on Twitter and Facebook so we're down to a top 3 of each. Lucky you!

Gwennan Rees Illustration; 

So there's a bit of a theme on my most favourited posts on my business account this month...try and see if you can spot it...

1. Sorry I Haven't Moved Out Yet!

So I really am not surprised this was the best received card on Etsy (I only have one left) and I am not surprised it was the most popular on social media too. My Instagram followers include a lot of twenty something illustrators, artists and bloggers and I feel like we can ALL relate to this card. Realistically, these days how many twenty somethings have saved up enough to leave and even if they're temporarily at university, we normally all come back again. 

2. You're Tea-riffic!

Ok so I was pretty surprised ALL of my most liked photos on my business account this month were of my Mother's Day cards but this one was of very little surprise to me really. As a nation we are brought up on copious cups of tea so naturally, anything with a tea related pun sells well. I even sold some tea related Valentine's day cards and then the people who bought them came back for more and bought this Mother's Day cards. You know who you are -insert heart emoji here-

3. Taxi. 

So what a surprise - another of my Mother's Day cards in the top 3?! My 4th best photo was also one of my Mother's Day cards so boo to the 5th who didn't quite cut it! Again, this card is hugely relatable to a lot of people and who wouldn't want to thank their Mum for all the school runs, the late night pickups when you're half cut, the shlepping back and forth friends, the car loads to uni, the rescues when you're stranded and for letting us put L plates on and taking the wheel ourselves. Cheers Mum. 

I'm actually still selling all of these cards on Etsy because they are all blank inside so can be used for any occasion so if you fancy one - shop here!

Twenty Something Meltdown; 

1. Mondays. 

I have a big stack of quotes saved in my camera roll at all times simply to make me laugh, use as phone wallpaper or mainly to post on Instagram when my photo game is off or the lighting is bad or I haven't done anything interesting. The most well received post of this month was this quote about Mondays and lets be fair here, who doesn't love a good quote to get you through the hard slog of a Monday morning huh?

2. My Social Media Hits! 

Ok so this one utterly baffled me. My promo photos don't do half as well on my blogging account as my quotes and lifestyle snaps normally but they do tend to do ok on my illustration account (I mainly put this down to numbers). However, this month, the second most liked account on my Insta grid was the promo photo for last month's Top Social Media Hits so that sets me up nicely for this month! 

3. Live Your Life. 

Oh hey another quote - quelle surprise! I feel like this might be an ongoing theme because let's be fair here, 99% of my following are fellow twenty something bloggers and we all know if nothing else, twenty something bloggers LOVE a quote. Preferably black text on white background mmhmm. So this one was one I included in my 'Quotes To Get Your Through February' and people dug it as much as I did so that's all nice! 

So over February I massively neglected my illustration account (gwennan_rees) and sadly, my stats reflect that but hey, whadda ya expect if you don't take the time to keep it going, people aren't going to just flock to you with no content. I use my twenty something meltdown account as an excuse because I was spending A LOT of time working on developing a following on that and gurl can't run 2 accounts at all times. 

So whilst last month I said I generally tweet around 30-50 tweets more per month....during February I dropped that count by just over 200 so yuh, no wonder my stats reflect that. My profile visits were down by around 200 too, my new followers, mentions and links to me all suffered and I only had a mere 18K impressions - quite the contrast to the 26K the previous month. 

In other news, my twenty something meltdown account is up and running and is actually getting A LOT of good reception. I might have scorned my business account, tweeting just over 200 times less but it's easy to see where that time was spent as I sent exactly 200 MORE tweets in February than I did last January.

I got less new followers this month than I did before but I was undoubtedly expecting that because last month, when I set up the account, I had 100 before I could send 100 tweets so this month, 50odd didn't seem too bad to me. My profile views are up and my mentions and links are off the scale compared to the previous month and my business account and I 100% attribute this to blogger chats - they really are invaluable (read about one here). I always find my impressions on Twitter analytics super valuable to know because I like to see what kind of reach I have and this month, one month into my hosting of this account, my 20s account had over 21K which if you consider after 9 months of tweeting on my illustration account my top count is 26K - it ain't bad to identify as a blogger on Twitter! 

I feel like a proper shit for neglecting my illustration account the past month as it is the bread and butter of my business so now my blogging account is flourishing, hopefully I can manage the two together much happier! 

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