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My Month In Photos - March 2016

My Month In Photos - March 2016

My Month In Photos March 2016 - 21 photos promo. 

My Month In Photos March 2016 - 21 photos promo. 

So for those of you who may not have seen this little beauty before, basically at the end of every month I do a little round up of what I have been up to in the form of, yes you guessed it, photos. 

I take 21 of my favourite photos or photos you might not have seen if you don't follow me on social media (follow me here k thnx) and I just generally write a review of what I've been doing. Capiche? 

So firstly I have a massive apology to people born on a leap year because in last month's post (read here) I appear to have suggested they celebrate their birthdays 4 times a year, not once every 4 years....Maths was never my strong point. 

So March has been pretty kind to me in 2016. My boyfriend had a bunch of annual leave to take so we got to spend some QT together eating our weight in junk food and going on strolls around the countryside. I spend a LOT of time with my niece as always (she is 10 months old now, cry) and I have started buying for her birthday so she'll be spoiled which is always a nice trait in a child. Best auntie ever. Other than that I have been pretty quiet on the business front but mega busy on the blogging front which has been really great and something I am hoping will continue! 

I also changed the font on my promo photos for these posts so plz don't hate me, gurl gotta move with the times. 



1. A Good Month To Be Welsh. 

The beginning of March has always signified St David's day for me being a Welsh girl and has always meant dressing up and taking part in school competitions etc. But this year it meant a Colour Collective illustration, some 6 Nations rugby on the telly  (even if England did win) and a country full of daffodils which was all kinds of Instagrammable. 

2. A Hair & Beauty Revelation. 

So you might not be aware but I am never going to be a beauty or fashion blogger. I might one day share my favourite makeup buys, I might do an ASOS wishlist, heck I might even upload an #ootd to Instagram but it will never be a regular feature on my blog and that is because I am very single minded when it comes to makeup and clothes. I will at some point do a post on 'why I will never become a bblogger or fblogger' but for now let's leave it at that. This month however has been top notch when it comes to my nail varnish game (one area I DO obsess over) and these princessy nails were my favourite of the past 31 days, even beating my polka dot easter egg inspired ones last weekend. My hair, well my hair is a law unto itself but this month I finally just accepted that whilst it DOES make you look like Legolas, the half up half down top knot is just the best way to hide a fringe no amount of dry shampoo can save whilst still letting the sassy bits be sassy. Life. 

3. Business. 

I always try and avoid putting my work too much into my blogging because it's all a bit blahhh stop promoting yourself and write something insightful but hey, I have to make money some way and I am pretty proud of the work I have been doing. Whatcha gunna do? This month it was steak and bj day which was a funny old one to promote and I have also written a heck of a lot of content that I'm really pleased with. I have blogged A LOT this month, not only scheduled content but also some off the cuff more reactive things (taking in the old HG mantra there) and I got a lot of good feedback too. 

4. Words Of Wisdom. 

So this is something I included in last month's round up and I really liked the way it turned out so I'll try and include it in some more of these posts. Like most twenty something female bloggers I have a penchant for a good quote and it is something I share regularly on social media. I even start each month now with a whole post of quotes and I have 27289748923578937 saved to my camera roll ready for the perfect opportunity to post. So yeah, here's a few I shared this month which got me all -insert crying laughing face emoji here-

5. Spring Has Well & Truly Sprung. 

Ok so if you're the half of the country who has seen a pretty damp and miserable March or you felt the full effects of Storm Katy then you might be reading this with a full fuck you in mind. Soz and that. But for South East Wales, we done alright this March and for once we've been blessed with more sunshine and flowers and lambs than we have with rain and puddles and grey. So I have spent this month on a gazillion walks with my niece, my boyfriend, the dogs...whoever I could get to come with me and my grid has really benefitted from some snap happy spring time shots. 

6. Easter. 

OBVIOUSLY one of the best things about this March was Easter. It came super early this year and coincided with the clocks changing so not only did we get 732748236 eggs and got to indulge, we are also still exclaiming over how light the nights are now and how we can REALLY feel summer on it's way (anyone else take like a week to get over the clock change?). 

FYI the wishlist was an Easter inspired gift list for those less excited about chocolate and you can probably snap some of it up in the post Easter sales. Read here!

Ummmm so this has never happened before....I include 21 photos in this post and for the first time ever I have a photo that just doesn't fit into any of my categories? But I feel like I should include it because a few weeks ago I went to IKEA and only purchased cacti and I think that is relatable to a whole shed load of people....

So uhhh yeah...

Here's some cactus. Soz. 

3 IKEA cactus in baby pink pots. 

Hope your April doesn't bring too many showers and brings a lot of happiness and FYI I have scheduled posts every day for the next few days so feast your little eyes on that, enjoy and follow me on Bloglovin because the lovely people there fixed it so all my posts upload automatically now. Bliss. 

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