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How To Think Of Blog Content.

How To Think Of Blog Content.


Sometimes inspiration is hitting all over the place and you have a notebook and a phone full of blog post ideas but sometimes, the ideas juices just ain't flowing.

For those days, there are some things you CAN do to give yourself a boost in the right direction. 

1. Read Other Blogs. 

This is my absolute biggest source of inspiration when I'm running low on blog post ideas. A good old browse over on Bloglovin at all the gals I love to read is such a good way of finding something to write about. You might see a post theme you think you could write about, a list you take inspo from, an opinion you agree with or differ from....what ever it is make sure you're only taking inspiration from someone else's words NOT copy them. 

2. Currents News & Trends. 

This is my second biggest source of inspiration! I plan my blog posts a month in advance and I always leave spaces for when inspiration strikes or when something happens in the news or the world that I want to react to. It might be a bill passed in government that affects you, an article in a newspaper you don't like, the fallout from a celebrity's Instagram post...whatever it is, if you have an opinion you should write about it. 

3. Official Or Unofficial Days. 

Official days like International Women's Day and World Book Day or unofficial ones like Steak & Blowjob day....there are 274957893672354672 throughout the year that you can access with one simple Google search. Days like this can create a post out of nothing. 

4. Events. 

Take some inspiration from events going on around you or in the news. Things like the Oscars, the Olympics, charity balls can all create a blog post out of nothing. Attend a local event and do a write up on it, create your own list of award winners, write about a charity close to your heart, you can run with something no matter the direction. 

5. Seasonal Topics. 

There ain't nothing that says blogger more than taking full advantage of the changing of the seasons. Can you even count how many "Things I love about Spring" and "Spring wishlist" and "Easter gifts" posts you've read in the past few weeks? I know I am guilty of doing this but really, it's just golden content. Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night, New Years, Easter, Summer...whatever the occasion, whatever the season there is at least 1 post in it, if not more!

6. Lists. 

Lists are a gold mine in themselves. You basically need no inspiration for a new list, heck this one was a simple one in itself! A list on your favourite XYZ, your top 5 tips for such and such, how you do so and so- you can create a list from anywhere and they're easy to write and easy for your audience to digest. 

7. Google! 

Well if all else fails obviously Dr Google holds the answers! When you really have nothing left in the brain bank a simple google of '100 blog post ideas' should do the trick!

How do you keep the blog ideas ticking along?


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