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My New Studio Tour.

My New Studio Tour.

So this post should have come to your last week but I'm a shoddy blogger and hey, whadda ya know, it's here now! 

If you pay attention to my social media accounts you might have seen that during January and February I spent a lot of my time decorating and organising and I finally ended up with a new office/studio space! 

I moved out of my parents home in December last year and my brother moved out in the October and we both ended up sacrificing our childhood bedrooms. Mine is now a guest room for the first time and his, well it's my studio now. 

My brother's room is the smallest in the house, it's barely a bedroom, just a small square box room but it is PERFECT as an office space. 

My mother and I transformed it from a red and black (yes I know) room to white and grey and I moved all the belongings I had left in my bedroom into my new space and filled the walls with my certificates, pictures and artwork created by my lovely talented friends. All the furniture and storage was from my bedroom or somewhere else in the house so probably the cheapest renovation of all time - just the cost of some paint! 

So without further ado; here's the tour of my new studio space and the home of Gwennan Rees Illustration! 

I'm a huge fan of clean, white Pinterest worthy rooms but in reality, I have far too much stuff for that to ever be a reality. Such is life. 

So this is where I run my business from and illustrate from. I mostly blog on the go on my macbook pro either when I'm travelling or in front of the TV with my family.

My certificated and beauuutiful artwork by my lovely friends. 

Desk details. 

Follow me on Instagram at @twentysomethingmeltdown to shop the look!

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