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My Month In Photos - February 2016

My Month In Photos - February 2016

I always find February so weird because it's such a short month but a leap year today is pretty wild and exciting. Happy birthday to all you lovely lot who only get it 4 times a year!!

1. Business. 

Well it wouldn't be a proper round up if I didn't include my work would it? Gurl gotta run a business and all that. I had SUCH a cracking month with my Valentine's Day cards! In the end I sold out of one design and was down to my last 2 or 3 cards of the rest. I made 100 quid in 3 weeks, got some lovely feedback and they were viewed, shared and liked over 10,000 times on Facebook. My mother's day cards have got off to a bit of a slower start, I've sold about 10 which is fine but obvs, every order is appreciated to make my money back on printing! I have a half price sale on my Etsy at the mo and you've got till Thursday for your last postal day so get involved! 

Shop Mother's Day cards here!

2. Cliche. 

I'm basic and I know it but seriously, is there anything lovelier in life than fresh flowers? Valentine's was the BEST excuse for cheap blooms and since it's St David's day tomorrow (big up to my fellow Welsh readers) Tesco have bunches of daffs for a quid so that's what's currently adorning my window sill at home (providing the boyf has remembered to water them while I am away for 2 days). 

3. Spring Is On It's Way. 

I talked about the break in the weather in my Friday Favs last week (read here) but it really is starting to feel like the nicer weather might be on it's way and we can start dreaming of pink clouds in the sky and ice cream and sandals again. Mhmm. As always, this month was full of beautiful walks in beautiful locations round South Wales with my niece and my Insta grid ain't never looked so good. 

4. New Space. 

I mentioned is last week and I've done some sneak peeks on my Instagram but I have finally finally moved into my new studio come office space and it is AMAZING to have all my stuff sorted and at hand and it's so cute. It's full of all my junk and a wall full of prints and artwork and I find it so inspiring already. Proper tour coming soon!

5. Flat Lay. 

Let's be honest here, what blogger isn't taking a flat lay of EVERYTHING at all times? Food, jewellery, clothes, accessories, stationary etc etc etc. We love it, we can't avoid it, it's a habit, we embrace it. I am seriously upping my flat lay game for my twenty something Instagram grid and I think overall it's really helping my blog photography. Best tip? Keep the grid on your phone, it's perfect for framing a photo. 

6. Quote Me. 

My quote game has been ON FORM this month even if I do say so myself. I can't really claim the credit, my source as always is Pinterest. I will be continuing my new regular segment; 5 quotes to get you through the month (read the first one here) but for now, enjoy what I posted on Insta this month! 

I've got a pretty busy March coming up with annual leave, mother's day, birthdays, easter etc etc etc so hopefully my round up in a months time will be all kinds of exciting! 

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