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Friday Favourites 19th February 2016

Friday Favourites 19th February 2016

So I'm slightly apologetic about this week's round up cos, well, it's a bit self indulgent and involves loads of my work. Next week might be better because my office will be ready so that'll be cute but at least this week I didn't involve the rugby (no apologies for mentioning it-Wales won). 

Onto my favs;

1. Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's this year was a bit hit and miss for me but I decided to include it in my favourites anyway because I got a pretty awesome present. My other half and I haven't ever really bothered with Valentine's but this year was even less of an event because he was working a 13 hour shift and we were up at 5.30am. I am a fan of spreading the love over Valentine's (read about it in this post) but oh my good god I have never seen such a social media love in as I did this year. It was like every one and their dog got roses and then got some kind of hideous soft toy and jesus christ the bragging online, I just couldn't deal. Such sour grapes. 

2. Bunches. 

Having JUST complained about people bragging about flowers, I am about to talk about how lovely flowers are....yup I know. But it isn't bragging if you've bought them though right? One of the perks of Valentine's for anybody is the sale on flowers the week following and I bought these beauties for ONE TWENTY FIVE - yes really - in a 75% discount in Tesco. 

3. GALentines.

Seen as I wrote a post on how you should let your family and friends know you love them on Valentine's, I thought it best I toot my own trumpet and have a love in myself. So long story short I sent these little nautical themed cards that I made to my best gal pals and they seemed happy and posted these on Instagram so cheers laydeez for the love back!


4. Family Time. 

I'm not keen on posting photos of my family hence the really crappy excuse for a calendar shot but this week we had some family down to stay and it was all cut short due to illness but whilst they were here it was really great. My cousin came to spend the day with my niece so we got to spend the day napping and playing (she particularly liked a banana skin) and we went on a really nice long walk in the crisp winter sun and it was really nice for my niece to spend time with family she doesn't properly know yet. To top it all off we continued a Rees family tradition and me, my mum and my uncle went to town and got a chippy and everyone piled back to ours and we had one of them makeshift teas where everyone squeezes round one table and we're all on desk chairs and stools and stuff to fit everyone in. We've been doing the same thing when they come to visit since we were kids and it's nice to keep up the tradition- especially when it involves chips. 

5. My Newest Range. 

Yup I have a new range of cards out on my Etsy store! Following the success of my Valentine's day cards (I CANNOT thank you enough) I am now selling a range of 5 designs for Mother's Day. Same principle as before, they're all A6 and blank inside for your own message and all come with a white envelope. It's £2.00 for a card and 95p for delivery (UK only soz) and they're all available on my Etsy which you can link to below! Last delivery for guaranteed Mother's Day delivery is March 3rd so make sure to snap one up!

Shop here!

Hopefully next week I'll have a more exciting list for ya eyes!


**Also yes I am re using my pancake day flatlay as a promo but I've only got my phone on me and it's playing up so, no new photos, whatcha gunna do. 

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