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Friday Favourites - 8th January 2016

Friday Favourites - 8th January 2016

Bizarrely we're already a week into January, yeah I know, I have no idea how that swept by so quickly either.

January blues are rife, I normally detest January. For the past few years it's meant my Christmas is not only over and New Years done and dusted, it meant leaving the comfort of my family home and trundling off to Wrexham again. As much as I loved Wrexham, leaving home every time was never nice.

This year however, I've had a pretty decent start to 2016, I have no complaints and the January blues have been held off. After a hectic Christmas period where the boyfriend only had something like 3 days off in 3 weeks, he's had some time off this week and we've had fun and it feels like we're finally getting in the groove of living together.

So without further ado; 5 lovely things to kick of my January.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

On Sunday I FINALLY got to go see the film of 2015; Star Wars. I went with 347375093753 members of my family (seriously though, HOW expensive are Odeon tickets???) and, well, it didn't disappoint. I don't feel like I can go into it too much because there are still people avoiding spoilers but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was classic Star Wars and, although I was wary when they first announced they were making a new film with Disney, I think now was actually the cleverest time to have done it. The initial three films (now episodes 4,5 and 6) were the films of our parents generation then we watched episodes 1,2 and 3 when we were kids and now, the children of today have a whole series of new movies to claim as their own. Well done Lucasfilm and Disney, you nailed it.

2. Reflecting On 2015. 

As the new year started, I have never looked back on the previous as much as I have reflected on 2015. I wrote a series of blog posts this week all looking back on the past year (accompanied by hundreds of photos) and not only were they well received on social media, I also really enjoyed looking back on what I did and what I achieved over the past 365 days.

My Year In Photos 2015

Best Of The Year 2015

365 Days of Happiness

3. A Break In The Rain. 

I feel like the weather tricked us with a lovely October and a mild December and instead of thinking 'Oh isn't it lovely we can go out in a jumper not 2720472093729075 layers' we all thought "IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE WINTER I CANNOT BE CHRISTMASSY WHY IS IT SO MILD AND WHERE IS THE FROST'. So the weather thought sod em all then and rained. And rained. And flooded. And rained. And rained on top of the flood. I cannot remember a day it wasn't raining and I didn't have to use my wipers and I didn't have to turn my headlights on when driving in the daytime. But this week, oh this week, there was a break in the rain (of a morning but hey, it's something) and it was lovely and there was even a bit of blue sky and it gave me a bit of hope that spring will...well...spring.

4. Feeling Famous. 

On Wednesday I wrote this post about my 50 favourite children's books which was inspired by Channel 4's 'Britain's Favourite Children's Books' hosted by David Walliams (watch here). I sent a bunch of tweets out as I do when promoting every blog post and low and behold, David Walliams himself started following me on Twitter which was a little bit cool. So if you're reading David, and you need someone to illustrate your new children's book...I'm free!

5. First Trip Away Of 2016. 

Yes despite writing a post at the beginning of December about how I had no plans for 2016 (this one), I have booked my first mini break away and it's happening at the end of the month. Recreating graduation, London and all the fun of 3 years at uni I have booked a night in Wrexham to go catch up with this lovely lot, have a laugh, have lots of food and go shopping and I cannot wait. For 50 quid the benefits of seeing these guys is enormous, they really are good for the soul and I hope we continue to meet up as much as we can. Here's counting down the days till the 27th!

I hope your start to January has been just as nice as mine!

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