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Favourite Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Favourite Accounts To Follow On Twitter



Following on from last week's "Favourite Accounts To Follow On Instagram" and "Favourite Blogs To Read", here's my last shout out to the people that I like to see whilst scrolling down my feed. Merry Christmas you guys!

1. Colour Collective. 

Colour Collective HAD to be up there didn't it? Not strictly one person (did collective give it away), this account is pretty simple, ya'll get a colour each week, you do an illustration within that colour theme and then you all post at 7.30pm on a Friday and hashtag the collective. It is SUCH a good way to get drawing and keep motivated during the week because the colour will always inspire you to create something and you always get such lovely feedback and comments from the rest of the group. They are all such lovely people and it makes a Friday even more sweet. If you're a designer, artist or illustrator definitely jump on this one. #thanksforthecolourpenny


2. Susie Verrill.

I mentioned Susie in my blogging post so I won't go on and on but I had to mention her because her Twitter feed is BLOODY HILAR.


3. Animal Alphabets. 

Essentially the same as Colour Collective but with animals and posted on a Monday. I have been very sparse with my animals this year so I am really aiming to get my act together in the new year. These types of accounts are such a good way of keeping your hand it and making sure you illustrate every week.


4. Ohh Deer. 

This is pretty self explanitory. Have you seen the beauty they promote?? It's either hugely amusing or stunning and makes you want to buy lots of cards and stationary and notebooks. Bad for my bank balance, excellent for my news feed.


5. The Bright Group. 

The Bright Group represent a whole load of talented people and if you ever needed some illustration envy to give you a kick up the arse to get going, this is the account for you. Also they occasionally advertise job vacancies so if you want to get hired, definitely get involved.


6. Foo Food Kids. 

Creators of all thing appy (literally, apps), foo foo kids are the ULTIMATE supporters to get on your account, I have been known to get pages full of favourites and retweets all in one from them and it makes you feel all kinds of sassy like your tweets are hilarious and your illustrations are amazing. They also post some super cute colour collective's so there's that.


Thanks you guys and everyone else on my Twitter feed! Hope you're all as witty and supportive in 2016!

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