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Favourite Accounts To Follow On Instagram.

Favourite Accounts To Follow On Instagram.

insta promo

insta promo

Soz soz I know it's late but it's here, I haven't failed on my blogging advent calendar just yet!

Today's post is a little festive hollah! to the accounts and people on Instagram that I love to stalk  appreciate. Thanks you guys for making my feed such a joy (all the seasonal terminology) to look at.

1. Nora Wright.

You couldn't wander round New Designers 2015 design week without hearing the name Nora Wright. Winner of the top award, people were flocking to her stand to see her work and from what I can tell from trusty old Insta, she's done pretty well for herself since! Her style seems so effortless and whimsical and is so unlike my own, I just can't help but love it. Also she has a penchant for all things historical and can capture a moody landscape like no other.



2. Vickie Robinson. 

Another New Designers find (I nabbed a business card) VickieRobinsonDesign doesn't Instagram as often as the rest of my grid but when she does, it's always a corker. Her prickly situation cards have been stocked and promoted by Paperchase and they make me giggle every time I see them. If you scroll back far enough you can see how she designed them and created them and have a look at how her style has developed.



3. Eliza Bradley. 

Ok so I see a whole New Designers theme going on but seriously, they were so good how could they not all make the list. Eliza Bradley had THE cutest range of business cards and I ended up with a whole set..... soz... I am a little bit in love with Eliza's style, it's so cute and makes you feel all happy just looking at it. According to her grid she's been out and about and fairs and markets this Christmas selling her cards and for good reason. They are so adorable and you can get your hands on them on Etsy.



4. Gemma Correll. 

A break from ND 2015! I have been such a fan on Gemma Correll's work for so long, you'll recognise her stuff from Paperchase cards to meme's to all sorts being shared on your Facebook or Twitter. Her work is so good and so funny she is often the subject to massive ripping off and proves all the things that are wrong with the world of design and illustration but! Seriously, her feed will have you laughing whilst scrolling. Oh and she often shares photos of pugs so there's that too.



5. Tom Hovey.

Ya'll know Tom Hovey as the Great British Bake Off Illustrator and man is his feed just full of fomo. That instantly recognisable style and those iconic bakes from all the series are all there and this summer he held a giveaway most weeks where you could bid for an original print from the show. He also decorated a Shaun the Sheep which you could find all round Bristol and occasionally he just throws in a character design and you think "my god he can do it all". Follow if you're a fan of food or GBBO.



6. Thomas Pullin. 

Again, one of them accounts I follow just because I am in awe of the work. So unlike anything I do, I see this editorial pieces (seriously so much work for the Guardian, and you can see why) I just think how HOW did he come up with that. They're so flippin clever and them clean lines and shapes give me massive illustration envy.



7. Ada Grey. 

Ada Grey's illustrations are so up my street it's ridiculous. I think they're pretty reminiscent of my style and I aspire to make mine THAT child friendly and effortless. The colours, the diversity in characters, the book design, the playful expressions and compositions, everything is just flawless and she's got a Christmas book out. Phew.



8. Hutch & Willow. 

One of my absolute favourite Etsy shops, Hutch & Willow also happens to have one of the best Instagram accounts to boot. Abi Metcalfe runs it (as far as I can tell) and they do a liddle bit of everything. Cards? Check. Mirrors? Check. Notebooks? Yup. Prints? Oh yeah. Christmas? Nailed it. Plus there is serious photography and flat lay envy that any blogger would be proud of.



9. Emma Carlisle. 

If you love cats THIS is the account for you. Children's book author, illustrator and ceramic maker, it appears Emma Carlisle can do everything and if her Insta is anything to go by- do it well.There is a cat on everything, mugs, plates, bowls, pots, badges, stickers and then BANG! throws in some dinosaurs. I love people who can turn their illustrations into something tangible that can be bought and used because it makes us as an industry really viable and people get it. People get illustration because of artists like Emma Carlisle.



10. Lucy Fleming. 

Last but by no means least, Lucy Fleming, another illustrator with a penchant for cats (we are all a cliche). I often see Lucy Fleming pop up over on Twitter for Colour Collective so I thought what better way to see all of the beautiful illustrations than stalk her on Insta too. It is the depth that her illustrations go into that gets me about Lucy's work. It is SO detailed and they are SO beautiful my heart just cannot take it. All the feels.


There are obviously so many more people I could have included that make my day a little brighter with their beautiful Insta posts but these lovely lot are my top ten!

Also if you're feeling flush, follow me on Instagram here: @gwennanreesillustration

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