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A Seasonal Update.

A Seasonal Update.

Oh yes, following the success of my last seasonal update (find it here) where I did an illustration for autumn followed by a list of things to get excited by, I am back on it with a winter post! I feel like winter crept up on us a bit this year. We were spoiled with a ridiculously mild October and then suddenly; November and rain. And December and rain. And then cold and we were all a bit like "Wait what, it's nearly Christmas and it's freezing and flooding and wait, when was it Winter?".

However, we're over the shock and it's time to get excited for all the things we love about winter.

winter update.jpg

winter update.jpg

1. Christmas Day. 

I mean let's get the obvious one over and done with. Winter means Christmas and I am a MASSIVE fan. A lot of people prefer the build up to Christmas and the day itself is a bit of a let down but I love it all.

2. Crisp Mornings. 

Is there anything better than if you are forced to get up at some ungodly hour when it's still dark than driving in a warm car and watching the sun come up on a crisp winter morning. Bit of frost, Christmas songs in the car, scarf and gloves on. Bliss.

3. Similarly, Staying In Bed. 

And if you're not forced to get up at the crack of dawn on a winters morning, staying in bed toasty under the duvet or being able to turn the alarm to snooze is the dream.

4. Reindeer Parades, German Markets and Festivals. 

There is nothing that screams CHRISTMAS in your face quite as much as a good old festive event. Reindeer parades down the high street, wrapping up warm for a Christmas market and the switching on of Christmas lights weekend after weekend, that build up to the festive period is like nothing else.

5. Festive TV.

The Christmas Radio Times is out people, this is not a drill. I repeat. Not a drill. Sometimes I admit, Christmas TV is a pile of crap but every now and then there is a right corker. A healthy mix of new comedy, seasonal specials of panel shows and repeats of the classics, Christmas tv is the one. Plus if all else fails there's always a Christmas song countdown on Music.

6. Winter Bulking.

It's pretty simple, we all over indulge, eat as much as we want and because it's winter, nobody can see cos we've got 1732017482740280 layers on.

7. New Year, New You. 

January is such a milestone for people, it brings the start of a new year and a whole load of resolutions and even though 90% of us put dieting and saving more money on it most of us break it in February but hey- what's the problem with a bit of hope for  a newer shinier version of yourself and an even better year.

8. Sequins. 

Winter also signifies a massive party season and even if you aren't going out out over winter, you can still wear sequins. And glitter. And more sparkly stuff. The excuse is simply it's winter and that's legit ok. Black sequins going straight in my basket.

9. Advent. 

Chocolate. Errday.

10. White Winter. 

Sometimes, just sometimes in winter we see a few flecks of snow. One thing I will miss about living in Wrexham is we secured some real proper shut the roads close uni go outside and play kinda snow. Admittedly it was once in April but ya know, winter is more likely.

Hoping those of you who detest the winter months get a little more into the festive spirit with this list!

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