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100 Days Of From Where I Stand.

100 Days Of From Where I Stand.

It's done and dusted for another year - the 100 Day Project is over again. I feel like this 100 days has flown by and simultaneously I can barely remember April 4th when it all began. 

If you missed it or if you've just joined us, I am a freelance illustrator in the ol' day job and I outlined my project for the 100 days 2017 in a blog post (which you can catch here). This year I decided to recapture a project I did last year but with a new snazzy hashtag - 100 Days From Where I Stand. 

Long summary short of the introduction post, basically I wanted to capture my life over 100 days from were I stood, where my feet stood in those shoes every day for 100 as a way of documenting errday life. I did it last year, I enjoyed it, I loved the ethos behind it and this year I wanted to up my game and make it better. I wanted to think about colour and composition more and actually remember to take the damn photo and not have to use a shitty upload from my house in the dark when I finally remembered at 11pm. 


So what did I take away from this years project now it's over? 

I realised that as much as I like the sentiment of the project and as much as I like having the record, the 100 photos of what I was doing, the sorta micro blogging platform I found on it with more wordy captions about my day...but ultimately I realised this project just ain't gonna work a third time round. 

I realised I simply just forget to take the photo a lot of the time and have to post well into the night. I realised sometimes there's just shit lighting you can't do anything about, the colours are drab and try as you might the composition just isn't going to get anymore exciting. 

I also realised I have 25+ pairs of shoes and still manage to wear the same ones day in day out. 

I like the project, I love a good Instagram challenge and like I say, I'm pleased to have the record of what I did but I definitely don't think I'll be bringing it back for a third year on the spin. So what's in store for my Instagram now? I'm going to have a reboot of the old Illustration account in line with my website redesign I did a lil while back. I'm going to make some changes, share more, post more and create more and I'm v excited about it. 

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