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10 Things I Learned As A New Blogger.

10 Things I Learned As A New Blogger.

Hi everyone. My name is Steph and I am in my early 20’s living in the UK. I have a lifestyle blog called Steph’s World, where I mainly write blogposts on Theatre Shows reviews, Beauty & Make-up reviews, Baking recipes and Days Out Ideas, as well as my monthly favourites.

I have always thought about starting a blog, but had no idea where to start. One day I thought “let’s just do this” and started writing some content and set up my own website. I officially launched and started my blogging back in March 2016, so I am still fairly new to blogging world.

There are 10 main things that I have learned on my blogging journey so far, so I thought I would share them with you; in case you are also thinking about starting a blog or are also new to blogging. I hope you enjoy.

1) Social Media is a key tool for bloggers!

Open as many Social Media accounts that you think you can manage. Opening accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat is a good way for those following your blog (and other bloggers) to get to know the real you.

For me, my biggest platforms are Twitter and Instagram. My tip would be to use a consistent name throughout every account. My name on Social Media account is @StephsWorld_x, and it just makes it easier for people to find you. I chose my account names due to it being the only one available on Twitter, and it has just stuck with me.

If you don’t have all the time in the world to keep your Twitter from feeling neglected, make sure you download an app called Buffer which will allow you to schedule your tweets. Also make sure you use relevant hashtags so people see the tweets. You will find other bloggers and companies will add you to a ‘list’. This isn't really seen on Twitter but you will get a notification of them doing this. The lists are fully accessible on TweetDeck and allow you to streamline tweets.

2) Open Social Media accounts that you never heard of Pre-Blogging!

If you are anything like me you would never heard of Bloglovin’ before starting up a blog. Join up, I promise you won’t regret it. It is a good way to keep up-to- date with other bloggers posts and also a good way to get yours promoted. It is a bit like twitter really, you can follow people and they can also follow you back. It’s just another form of promoting and marketing your blog.

3) Get involved with Blogger Chats on Twitter!

As mentioned previously, Twitter is an important tool in any bloggers life. I first learnt about the ‘blogging community’ by seeing a follower use the hashtag “#BeeChat”. I had no idea what this was, until one day I saw that everyone was using this hashtag to answer questions.

In a Blogger Chat, the person running the account or running the chat that day will create numerous questions surrounding a topic. Everyone in the chat will be using the hashtag and others bloggers in the chat will also give their answer and reply to your answer; like and also retweet your tweets. It is a big massive conversation, and in my first one; I got lost! I had over 60 notifications at one stage, but I love it. The community feel is amazing.

Chats I like to get involved with are #BeeChat, #LBloggers #TeaCupClub and #BBeautyChat. There are other chats out there too which may be relevant for your blog topic.

4) The Blog Community is your new adopted family!

Whether you like it or not, the blog community will be your new family. They will be the ones who support you in the good and bad times, you will be able to chat over any situation with them and they are more than likely going to be the people who read your blog. Everyone is so lovely, kind and helpful. They are supportive with your blog and will give you advice on running your blog to the best of your ability.

5) Comments on your blogposts are the best!

Someone actually read your blogpost? Someone actually digested your blogpost? Someone actually liked your blogpost? Someone actually liked it so much that they decided to leave you a comment? That is the most amazing feeling ever! I think I cried at my first blogpost comment. Also, make sure you repay the loveliness! Everyone likes to feel they are doing well in this crazy world of blogging.

6) If you get an opportunity to guest blog, do it!

This is why I am here today. Hi again, if you are still reading this. You can reach new audiences and even meet a few more blogger friends along the way. If you read this, come and say hi to me over on Social Media or on my blog.

7) You will find gold in everything you do!

You will be able to pull blog content from everywhere. You go out for a meal, you will get a post out of it. You buy a new beauty product, you can do a try it out or add it to a make-up look. You see a film or see a theatre show, you will get a review from it. Everything around you will inspire you to write.

8) Make sure outbound links on your blogpost open a new tab!

If you don’t make sure a link opens a new tab, your bounce rate could be massively affected. You need to make sure that you keep that door open for that new adopted family to come over and visit. If you do this, people will come back to your blog and may even continue reading where they left off.

9) You will shocked when friends read your blog!

You will never get over the fact that a friend or family member has found and read your blog. I hope what I said was all fine and good.

10) Blogging with others around you is fun!

I have a few friends who are also bloggers (outside of the online Blogging Community). It is good to ask their advice on a post, read it before you publish or even get advice on those pesky technical issues you have. You will feel like you have support in this crazy blogging journey.

Thank You!

I would like to thank Gwennan for allowing me to do this post for her beautiful blog. I have had great fun writing this, and I hope you found it helpful and enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for reading my guest blogpost – Steph xx

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