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10 Reasons Why I'm The Worst Blogger Ever.

10 Reasons Why I'm The Worst Blogger Ever.

For someone who just hit 200K all time pageviews you might be fooled into thinking I was at least a competent blogger if not the best in the world.*

Now, this list proves just why I am in fact The Worst Blogger Ever. Ever. 

Apologies for tricking you for this long. 

*I know, I know, I can't help being me. 

1. I rarely find the time to take part in Twitter chats and thus miss out on a butt load of engagement with my readers and fellow bloggers. 

2. I always forget to check in with blogs on direct sites, I always end up reading on Bloglovin and who even knows if that creates pageviews? Idk. 

3. I forget to comment on blogs. All the time. 

4. I'm all about that relatable blogger life and learning to love that blogger like your bestie but there's never any photos of me on my blog, on my Insta grid and all my icons are the back of my head. You may relate to me and feel like you know me but I'm basically Sia. 

5. I barely live tweet unless someone tweets me so my feed is basically conversation and scheduled tweets and therefore, boring. 

6. I use snapchat approximately once a fortnight. And that's for selfies. 

7. I can't code or html or write good SEO or titles or anything remotely technical. I can no follow link and that's your lot. 

8. I write posts like 'making Pinterest work for your blog' yet I don't do any of the tips, I just so happened to write a decent post that went a bit viral.  

9. I don't have a schedule. Like I post a lot don't get me wrong but it's not on a schedule, it's when I feel like it, when I have time and at all random times of the day. Yes I know there's an optimum time for my audience, yes I know readers like to know what they're getting from you. Do I take any notice? No. 

10. You know how short easy to remember URL's and social media handles are better all round? Yeah. Soz. 

I know, I'm just the worst. 












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